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24th April

I found myself walking[1] up Lightcliffe road towards one of the streets that leads to my house. I could see an older man jogging towards me, I recognised him as Richard O’Brien, a local Irish singer. I was at the top of Lightcliffe road where it meets the roundabout, as he crossed over the street.

I said hi to him, he responded in kind. As he passed me I asked if he remembered my mother, using my family name. [My mother is re-married]
He gave me a funny look as if to suggest he meets so many people, that remembering one individual isn’t exactly an easy task and walked off. Something must have jogged his memory as he came back around the corner. He asked how she was and I asked if something was wrong. He mentioned something was wrong, relating to an issue with copyright. I told him that I don’t have his contact details, but I do have him as a friend on Facebook, so I’d let him know through there.
He gave me a hug as a black, Ford Mustang police vehicle came down the road. I knew something was wrong with them. As we crossed the road, the car pulled up where we had been talking, I knew there was going to be trouble. I motioned that we should keep walking towards the nearest street and as soon as we rounded the corner we ran.

The scene took on an eerie feel, not like we were running but like we were flying. There was a zooming feeling as we passed under some kind of street camera. We turned left onto my street, I dived over a wall and into the back garden of the third house and into an old VW Beetle that was covered in tiger print fabric.

I’m not sure what happened to Richard, but I was alone now. Both front doors opened as one cop got in the passenger side and I was yanked out of the driver side. I remember kicking the officer into the car and throwing in some kind of gas grenade. They seemed disorientated enough and I ran. I made it more than half way down the street before I decided to dive behind a garden wall. I slowly crawled my way back.

I saw the police cruiser pass me, they either couldn’t see me, or the gas was still affecting them. I made my way back towards my house. I was a little confused as it didn’t seem to be there anymore. I entered a house, these were friends here. I told them I needed to hide.
They led me into the house and down the hallway. We reached what appeared to be a basement door, none of these houses had basements, I felt it was a really stupid place to hide a secret room. They walked passed this area and passed the stairs. At the end was a small gap in the wall that could be easily hidden. I realised there were steps leading upwards and started to climb them.
At the top was a large area, just big enough to pass as a private study, the wall at the end opposite the stairs was open. They led me into it and I pushed it close. The hinges were on the right-hand side, but to the left was another door like object that was less than a quarter the width of the average door. I pushed it to, I realised that it acted as a lock for the hidden door as well as a way to hide any light that might give away the secret. The whole area was just wood, either the room was unfinished or they didn’t see the point in spending much on making it comfortable.
I turned to my left and walked down the little hallway. These people were smart enough that the hidden room wasn’t directly behind the door. Less chance of sound giving anyone away. At the end of the corridor was a little room, barely four foot square, but big enough to hide someone for a short time.
The room had a small window that looked out into the back garden. You could tell that the building work was simply unfinished and that the window would be hidden behind a fake brick wall so it could be closed. There was a wire leading to a littlechildren’s playhouse slide type thing that would act as a zip-line if there was a need to escape the room…


[1]The dream actually started before this point, however what little I remember of it wasn’t exactly worth writing down.

Power & Protection

Power & Protection

21st April

I was in a car with my parents, the car was mostly black and grey. I didn’t feel as though I belong to any particular age group, I could have been fifteen or thirty. We entered a huge car park, and passed two people dressed completely in black, their clothing resembled body armour.

I noticed the female was carrying some kind of sub-machine gun. I warned my parents that we really needed to leave, that she was armed and we were in danger. They turned the car around. My dad wouldn’t leave, he felt it would be too dangerous. As the pair began to make their way towards us, I told them to run. I got behind the wheel and drove at them.  The two moved to either side, the car going between them. I spun the car around again, my focus was on the female. The male didn’t seem threatening in any way, other than his companionship with the female.

I came at her again, but in the small area, the little car couldn’t pick up speed fast enough and she was able to avoid me. [At the time, I was completely oblivious to the fact she had made no aggressive move towards me].

After a third attempt the car came to a stop, with her at the passenger side window. She had passed the gun to the male and was now holding a knife. She was sat in the passenger seat before I realised she had moved. I looked at her briefly, long enough to see she was a beautiful young female. She had one of those faces that hid her age, she could have been mid-teens or mid-twenties. Her hair was dark brown and long, almost reaching the middle of back.

She was a slim build, though her proportions were masked by the combat gear. I couldn’t maintain eye contact with her, I felt subordinate to her in some way, like being in the presence of a god. Her energy commanded respect. What I had previously sensed as danger, was now coming through as power. Not in a military sense, but as though she herself was power.

She was talking both too me and about me, the male with her making jokes. I looked at him briefly, he was on my side of the car stood by the door. His hear was blonde, with both highlights and lowlights but messy. He looked to be around 19-21. I got no sense of power from him, he was not important. Whoever this female was, she intended me no harm, at least not in any obvious way. I felt as though I knew her, that we were connected. I felt attracted to her, I felt love for her and respect. She was important both to me and in general and her energy was so overwhelming.

She handed me the knife, I took a good look at it. It was styled similar to a type 3 karambit. The blade came down and out, getting wider as it reached the apex then coming up to a point. It looked more ceremonial than it did a weapon. The handle was an oddity, it was metal like but soft and warm as though it was some kind of composite of metal and rubber. It was orangey-yellow in colour with gold specs around the edges and decoratively in the middle. It felt like it belonged to me, a part of me. Holding it, I knew I would do anything for her. [I realised she was a person to trust, not fear.]


I was out of the car now, walking to the back of the carpark and around a building. A police chief was climbing a ladder that came from the road to this higher location. He asked me if I had found her, had stopped her. I ignored him, he was no longer important to me, his issues trivial.

I entered a building and found myself walking up a large square spiral of stairs, as I reached a wide spot, there was an older male with faded, greying ginger hair. The knife slashed across his throat. Tearing and ripping at his flesh. There was no blood; these people would not die. This was about protection. I needed to find threats to myself, she gave me a tool for self-protection and in this scenario, that tool was a knife.

I continued to make my way up the stairs, slashing, cutting and stabbing people I felt were threats along the way. As I made my way to the top, I had destroyed five people that would threaten me of the large group of people that were there.

I made my way across the open part of the building. To the right of me was a wall, styled like old gangway of a castle. I took care of another threat before coming across sweets and chocolate. There were multiple types of crème egg, toffee, chocolate, regular.  I began to stuff some in my pockets before turning and looking out at the view. I had to continue…

Chloe’s Birthday

Chloe’s Birthday

18th April

The dream started with me in a car, there was an older male in the car, perhaps mid-thirties. [I got the feeling I was in my teens, as is common for my dreams.] We were picking someone up, I knew it was their birthday and we were taking her somewhere.

The man got out of the car to open the door for Chloe Moretz, then got into the drivers seat and drove us to a cinema.


We were walking up to the main entrance and rather than the old ticket booths there was a new electronic ticket machine. Me and Chloe walked inside while the male [who felt like her father] played with the machine. He seemed to be having some trouble with it and ended up just buying every single ticket.

Inside we got a bunch of plastic masks that looked like old women. We offered them out to anyone who wanted them since we had hundreds from the numerous amounts of tickets he bought.


We were sat at a table eating some fast food and talking while Chloe kept signing autographs.

Beach & Shopping Spree

Beach & Shopping Spree

17th April 2012

I found myself on a beach, the sand was hard and moist as though the tide had only recently started to go out. The environment was dark, almost twilight-ish giving everything a grey hue.

Even though it seemed dark there were still children playing on the beach. I walked along until I came to a small group of people I knew of in high-school. No one really seemed to pay much attention, too focused on what they were doing.

As a group we began to walk to the road nearby and entered a building. The building became a shopping centre. I remember picking up several items and tossing them into a bag.

As we made our way to an elevator, someone dropped cans of beer and other canned drinks. I made a grab for them, shoving them in my bag before the doors closed. The lift appeared to be large enough to fit in some rather large equipment. I remember drinking from a can and noticing a name. I had to double check and found it did indeed say Eilatan. It was a sour lemonade drink, apparently, it was her brand or sponsored by her.

*Jump* [A rather large one at that. I forgot my keyword.]

I entered my house, [nothing like my real one, this was a huge mansion] I was running through loads of rooms to put down my stuff. But for whatever reason my room had been moved and a new office was in its place. I began to wander around, I found a cup and drank from it. The contents solidified in my mouth, turning into some horrible, slimy, worm like white thing. I tried to vomit them out.

Blind & Succubus


10th April

I was standing outside school, near the reception area. There were several teachers there. My vision was so fuzzy that it was hard to focus on anything. I remember feeling faint, I asked for help saying I couldn’t see. Mr Roper took my hand and led me into the guest reception, he gave me some water.

He assumed it was related to the heat. [I often feel like this when Lucid if I am tired. Like the conscious mind want’s to intercede but can’t quite hold on to the moment.]


10th April

The dream started off at school, I was walking from the reception and making my way down the rear path to the back exit as I used to when I went there. [I guess 5 years of high-school 15 years ago, going the same route, makes more of an impact then the 1 year I went there a few years back. The old path is gone, there’s houses there now.]

As I exited the school grounds I still felt foggy and half awake. I crossed the road, I could see the lights of a vehicle coming up the small hill on the bend, but I had plenty enough time. Yet I had to jump to the pavement to avoid being hit. Stupid dream buses speeding like that.

I made my way down the old snicket and down my old street as I approached my house I noticed that it had 3 stories on it, I remember remarking that she’d (my mother) had added another layer to it. [I’d had previous dreams last night and earlier in the week where the house would growing but not as big as this dream. I was referring to this growth as opposed to anything real, the real house was a bungalow, so all one level, give or take the attic.] I walked up the path to the side door I could see through the glass that she had made many changes inside.

I walked through the door. The kitchen seemed to be the same. But instead of the kitchen door to the living room, there was a big glass door in front of a wall. There was a passage way both left and right. To the left I could see my mother talking with someone on the sofa. I opened the sliding glass door. She seemed annoyed that I was there and that I had come in when she had guests. I remember saying “how else am I supposed to get in then?” She kept mouthing off though I forget her actual words.

I went around the right hand side, the bedrooms were no longer there. Instead it was a big kitchen/dining area. I kept wandering around, trying to find the stairs. My mother started calling me again and I realised my clothes had vanished. It didn’t phase me. I walked around the area which lead back to the living room. There were three or four people there, all female. I didn’t care, I carried on walking and found the stairs and started to walk up them. Carrying on a conversation like nothing was amiss.

The stairs looked old and wooden. The walls were close in on both sides as they were located in the middle of the wall that kept the rooms separate. The cat came shooting down there stairs and passed me, I watched it go as a door behind me closed. I made my way up the stairs to the next floor, somewhere along the way my clothes return.

The hallway was long, far too long for it to be the same length as the lower half of the house. There were doors on either side. About half way down I looked into a room on the right, it appeared to be a closet like room but had a small toilet and a bidet, I remember it had one setting called Diamond Wash.

I close those door thinking it was horrible and tacky and make my way to the end of the corridor. There’s two doors on the far wall of the last room. I open the one to the right and find myself looking outside. The door leads nowhere. I carefully shut it and pull along a red ribbon door cover.

As I turn I see the window, you could see lots of houses from here, all lower down. I remember thinking; we should keep an eye on them.

I made my way back down the corridor and looked into a room, I felt it was supposed to be my bedroom but it felt like there was some kind of entity in there. I didn’t want to go in. I slowly made my way back to the stairs, as I reached the top I felt something pass me headed down.

As I make my way into the kitchen dining area, I see a young blonde woman attempting to seduce an older male with dirty blonde hair. She doesn’t seem to be having much luck. I walk up to her and offer myself, I’m ready to go! I look down and see I am hard as a rock, she’s still kneeling and takes me into her mouth. I can see a hole in her tongue, similar to what a removed tongue piercing might leave. She feels so good. Her clothes like mine were black, contrasting her pale skin and blonde hair. As I looked at her I knew that her colour was blue. A bright, radiant blue. I knew that this was the entity that passed me on the stairs.

I took her arm and lifted her, as I slide down the cupboards, using them to hold me off the ground. I pulled her towards me so I could slide insider her…

Back to School…

Back to School…

4th April

I was back in high school, wandering the corridors trying to figure out which room I was supposed to be going to. There were other students in my year who also seemed equally lost. I must have made my way around the whole building twice.

As I made my way back to the G-corridor, where the double fire safety doors separated the main classroom corridor from the reception, I bumped into Michelle B. She said something about the next class being a science class.

I made my way up stairs onto the F-Corridor, walking the wrong way [our school corridors had a one-way system to avoid congestion, but when no teachers were around it was often ignored] I knocked on one of the doors and poked my head in, asking the male teacher whether I had the right room. It would appear I did, though I had never seen this teacher before.

There were already a few students in the room, [I forget how many in total, but no more than five or six]. I Made my way towards the back, at put my bag down on the back work bench. A girl came in and came to the back near me on the right corner.  I accidentally knocked a bowl of money on to the floor, we both picked it up. No matter how much I picked up and put in her tub, it seemed to multiply on the floor.

The teacher started to talk about four girls, putting up their names and photos on the electronic white board. [While I was in high school there were no electronic boards. They were mostly blackboards with chalk. Though one or two rooms did use white boards with marker pens]. I remember seeing one of the girls and thinking it looked like Molly S. I was a little shocked, but as I zoomed in on the girl [apparently I have eyes with zoom capability]. It appeared to be someone else. The teacher was talking about them as though they sacrificed themselves for some cause.

I’m not really sure what he was talking about, but the other girls in the class seemed to be very interested in it. I only got the impression that the sacrifice was their lives. [At the time I didn’t realise, but it would seem the class were all female except myself].


2nd April

I was in the local park, I remember being chased by owls. While they never seemed to attack me, they kept doing fly-bys near my head and chasing me out of that area as though I wasn’t supposed to be there.  After a short time I got fed up with these antics and decide to even things up. [control] I stepped backwards holding out my arms and allowed myself to become Darkness-Myth [the name I have given my Dragon]. I could feel my legs changing shape, my arms becoming longer, growing muscles and wings. [/control]

The owls stopped chasing me at this point, instead choosing to watch from the trees. I used my new wings to leave the ground, staring at the owls which had seemingly lost all interest in me, but I knew they were keeping an eye out.

I turned and flew off towards the main road and followed it down towards a tunnel. The transformation was incomplete. I wasn’t sure of the shape of my head, and I could not feel a tail. The dragon seemed to be more wyvern style than a typical western four-legged dragon.