Back to School…

4th April

I was back in high school, wandering the corridors trying to figure out which room I was supposed to be going to. There were other students in my year who also seemed equally lost. I must have made my way around the whole building twice.

As I made my way back to the G-corridor, where the double fire safety doors separated the main classroom corridor from the reception, I bumped into Michelle B. She said something about the next class being a science class.

I made my way up stairs onto the F-Corridor, walking the wrong way [our school corridors had a one-way system to avoid congestion, but when no teachers were around it was often ignored] I knocked on one of the doors and poked my head in, asking the male teacher whether I had the right room. It would appear I did, though I had never seen this teacher before.

There were already a few students in the room, [I forget how many in total, but no more than five or six]. I Made my way towards the back, at put my bag down on the back work bench. A girl came in and came to the back near me on the right corner.  I accidentally knocked a bowl of money on to the floor, we both picked it up. No matter how much I picked up and put in her tub, it seemed to multiply on the floor.

The teacher started to talk about four girls, putting up their names and photos on the electronic white board. [While I was in high school there were no electronic boards. They were mostly blackboards with chalk. Though one or two rooms did use white boards with marker pens]. I remember seeing one of the girls and thinking it looked like Molly S. I was a little shocked, but as I zoomed in on the girl [apparently I have eyes with zoom capability]. It appeared to be someone else. The teacher was talking about them as though they sacrificed themselves for some cause.

I’m not really sure what he was talking about, but the other girls in the class seemed to be very interested in it. I only got the impression that the sacrifice was their lives. [At the time I didn’t realise, but it would seem the class were all female except myself].