2nd April

I was in the local park, I remember being chased by owls. While they never seemed to attack me, they kept doing fly-bys near my head and chasing me out of that area as though I wasn’t supposed to be there.  After a short time I got fed up with these antics and decide to even things up. [control] I stepped backwards holding out my arms and allowed myself to become Darkness-Myth [the name I have given my Dragon]. I could feel my legs changing shape, my arms becoming longer, growing muscles and wings. [/control]

The owls stopped chasing me at this point, instead choosing to watch from the trees. I used my new wings to leave the ground, staring at the owls which had seemingly lost all interest in me, but I knew they were keeping an eye out.

I turned and flew off towards the main road and followed it down towards a tunnel. The transformation was incomplete. I wasn’t sure of the shape of my head, and I could not feel a tail. The dragon seemed to be more wyvern style than a typical western four-legged dragon.