Chloe’s Birthday

18th April

The dream started with me in a car, there was an older male in the car, perhaps mid-thirties. [I got the feeling I was in my teens, as is common for my dreams.] We were picking someone up, I knew it was their birthday and we were taking her somewhere.

The man got out of the car to open the door for Chloe Moretz, then got into the drivers seat and drove us to a cinema.


We were walking up to the main entrance and rather than the old ticket booths there was a new electronic ticket machine. Me and Chloe walked inside while the male [who felt like her father] played with the machine. He seemed to be having some trouble with it and ended up just buying every single ticket.

Inside we got a bunch of plastic masks that looked like old women. We offered them out to anyone who wanted them since we had hundreds from the numerous amounts of tickets he bought.


We were sat at a table eating some fast food and talking while Chloe kept signing autographs.