24th April

I found myself walking[1] up Lightcliffe road towards one of the streets that leads to my house. I could see an older man jogging towards me, I recognised him as Richard O’Brien, a local Irish singer. I was at the top of Lightcliffe road where it meets the roundabout, as he crossed over the street.

I said hi to him, he responded in kind. As he passed me I asked if he remembered my mother, using my family name. [My mother is re-married]
He gave me a funny look as if to suggest he meets so many people, that remembering one individual isn’t exactly an easy task and walked off. Something must have jogged his memory as he came back around the corner. He asked how she was and I asked if something was wrong. He mentioned something was wrong, relating to an issue with copyright. I told him that I don’t have his contact details, but I do have him as a friend on Facebook, so I’d let him know through there.
He gave me a hug as a black, Ford Mustang police vehicle came down the road. I knew something was wrong with them. As we crossed the road, the car pulled up where we had been talking, I knew there was going to be trouble. I motioned that we should keep walking towards the nearest street and as soon as we rounded the corner we ran.

The scene took on an eerie feel, not like we were running but like we were flying. There was a zooming feeling as we passed under some kind of street camera. We turned left onto my street, I dived over a wall and into the back garden of the third house and into an old VW Beetle that was covered in tiger print fabric.

I’m not sure what happened to Richard, but I was alone now. Both front doors opened as one cop got in the passenger side and I was yanked out of the driver side. I remember kicking the officer into the car and throwing in some kind of gas grenade. They seemed disorientated enough and I ran. I made it more than half way down the street before I decided to dive behind a garden wall. I slowly crawled my way back.

I saw the police cruiser pass me, they either couldn’t see me, or the gas was still affecting them. I made my way back towards my house. I was a little confused as it didn’t seem to be there anymore. I entered a house, these were friends here. I told them I needed to hide.
They led me into the house and down the hallway. We reached what appeared to be a basement door, none of these houses had basements, I felt it was a really stupid place to hide a secret room. They walked passed this area and passed the stairs. At the end was a small gap in the wall that could be easily hidden. I realised there were steps leading upwards and started to climb them.
At the top was a large area, just big enough to pass as a private study, the wall at the end opposite the stairs was open. They led me into it and I pushed it close. The hinges were on the right-hand side, but to the left was another door like object that was less than a quarter the width of the average door. I pushed it to, I realised that it acted as a lock for the hidden door as well as a way to hide any light that might give away the secret. The whole area was just wood, either the room was unfinished or they didn’t see the point in spending much on making it comfortable.
I turned to my left and walked down the little hallway. These people were smart enough that the hidden room wasn’t directly behind the door. Less chance of sound giving anyone away. At the end of the corridor was a little room, barely four foot square, but big enough to hide someone for a short time.
The room had a small window that looked out into the back garden. You could tell that the building work was simply unfinished and that the window would be hidden behind a fake brick wall so it could be closed. There was a wire leading to a littlechildren’s playhouse slide type thing that would act as a zip-line if there was a need to escape the room…


[1]The dream actually started before this point, however what little I remember of it wasn’t exactly worth writing down.