2nd May

I was walking down a street between my current and previous home. There was a small group of people with me, one of them was Rani Kapoor. [she didn’t actually look like Coco-Jacinta Cherin, but I knew who it was meant to be] We started to walk towards the newsagents/Post Office.

We were now in a bedroom, the group was still together, Rani, Callum Jones[1] and a two other males. We were talking when Sophie Ramsay[1] came in, she didn’t seem pleased that we were in her room, particularly Rani. She asked what we were doing there, looking mostly at Rani, with a tone that suggested jealousy more than anger at our presence.

We followed her into the living room, the house was that of Michael Williams[1], he was sat on the floor playing with some electronic device, I think it was a TV. He appeared to be repairing it. For some reason it seemed that Sophie was now living there. Michael didn’t acknowledge us, or even seem to realise we were there.  As I turned around, Sophie was trying to push Rani and one of the unknown males out of the room.

[1] Callum, Sophie & Michael’s appearance were that of their actors, Morgan Baker, Kaiya Jones & Sandy Winton respectively.