The Origami Wyvern

9th May

I found myself walking with Wyvern, he was wearing browns and blacks and had shoulder length hair. He was treating me to a gaming experience. It was a large indoor gaming arena based on the GTA world. It seemed to be partly holographic, working in a similar way was the holodeck in Star Trek.

As we wondered through this strange world, we came to a room that contained a body of water with a boat on it. The boat was owned by the mob, there was some strange challenge associated with it but I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention at the time.

We continued to make our way around the game world, committing random acts of violence. We reached an area where there were other players. I heard my phone beep, I waited a little before checking it, not wanting to pull it out in too public an area. The phone was low on battery.

As we were walking down a small corridor Wyvern made an exclamatory noise: “Mmhmm, found it.” He said; referring to a small door ahead. The room beyond was intended as a ‘downtime’ room for people looking for a break from the game. On the inside there were two red couches around the left and right walls, directly ahead was a smaller three-seater sofa. Wyvern sat down in the middle and I sat next to him on his right and we talked for a while.


We decided to do some more exploring, more random acts of violence as we made our way back to the boat room. The puzzle was fairly simple, I had to stop it sinking. Easy to do when you can change your size relation to the other objects. I picked up the boat with one hand and fixed the damage before placing it back on the water and returning everything back to normal scale.

My reward was some detailed information of mob characters/bosses of the game as well as maps and other goodies. I showed Wyvern who seemed interested in one specific part of the map. He decided to return to the downtime room, I decided to throw some cars around and cause havoc before joining him.

The three-seater was gone, replaced with a large double bed. I climb on next to Wyvern who was now in Wyvern form. He rolled over, placing his head on my chest. A young blonde male, maybe 16-18, came into the room and sat on one of the sofas talking endlessly about something. We didn’t really pay him any attention. Another slightly old male with black hair came in and the blonde left. He appeared to be some kind of staff member, wanting to make sure my feet were clean on the bed.


We were back in the game area walking down a street, as we reached the end of a small alley something grabbed my attention from the area we came from, I quickly headed back. Finding nothing I took out my rage on car, throwing it into a shop windows. Turning around a car with no roof came passed, I grabbed an elderly man wearing a flat cap from the back seat and threw him against a wall. Blood spurted out of him like he’d burst against the wall.

As I came back down the alley way to find Wyvern, a loud noise seemed to startle him and he took off. I ran to the area he had been and could see his little red arse running down the street towards a highway. I broke through some wooden building frames and walling and followed him. We approached a large highway that lead up to a bridge. As I got closer the little red one jumped into a tree.

When I got there the tree was full of pink origami roses[1]. As I searched the tree I heard a disembodied voice say “no wyvern here”. I tried shaking the branches of the small cherry blossom to no avail. A group of white origami birds flew down, landing in the tree and sent two of the roses floating down into my hands and knew it was a goodbye message.

[1] A pink flower is a sign often shown to mediums after communicating with spirit as a way of saying goodbye. It’s a way of showing peace and love to the message recipient.