House Guest

3rd June 2012

I found myself walking down Lightcliffe Road, I was with a group of people. I recognised Jessica, Stephan and my father who was a little ahead. I didn’t recognise the other male or female. My father was holding my violin and bow and started to try and play it. I was annoyed and yelled at him to stop before taking it off him.

As we rounded the corner there were three people in the road playing with what appeared to be bow and arrows. One of them fired in the direction we had come. I ignored them and kept walking. Somewhere Jessica and the others vanished leaving only Stephan with me. We continued down the road to my house.


We were climbing the stairs, and I looked back. The front door was in the wrong place, it was on the side wall [in reality that would have lead into the front room] I warned Stephan to hold his breath in case my step-brother had his door open because he really stinks.

He pushed passed me and up the stairs, saying something about being right he does stink. He started to turn left at the top then went right. I told him he doesn’t want to go THAT way. I grab him and turn him back the other way pushing him into my room. My room looks different. The wall paper is blue and the bed is not in front of the door as it normally would be.