Home Delivery


I was in bed and feeling very tired and sleepy. [A common feeling in dreams if I am not fully rested] I could hear the doorbell, but wasn’t sure if my step-brother was awake. I scrambled out of bed, noticing the time was about 8:45am, I stumbled into slippers as I put my dressing gown on. Opening the door I could hear movement downstairs, I quickly walked down.

At the bottom of the stairs, there were lots of parcels stacked almost five foot high in front of the door. Some with DHL markings on them. I moved them from the door and told my step-brother not to put them so close, or he wouldn’t be able to get in.

I noticed there was a strange clear walling between the boxes and the door, I was unsure what they were as two women came through the door with some more boxes. They were both around the same height as me, one was pale with blonde hair, the other was tanned with dark hair. She seemed to like me as she kept looking at me in ‘that’ way. Both of them appeared to be in their mid to late twenties.

The tanned one started to move the clear plastic things and I realised they were some kind of stand to avoid any of the stacked parcels from falling over and damaging the door/walls. I commented on this as the two put it up further into the house, saying it was a good idea. [I never noticed at this point that the area under the stairs and behind it towards the backrooms were not as they really are.]

As I walked into the backroom, which it’s self was much wider and spacious, there were people in there doing some kind of building work. The walls and floors were white paint and tile respectively. On the same wall as the hallway door, there was some open shelving. In front was a counter the kitchen area was down the right hand wall and windows were being put in the left hand wall. [we live in a semi-detached house, that would be the neighbour’s house wall.]

A male approached me and started talking to me about some of the work, I was so tired I couldn’t take in anything he was saying. I turned around and my dad was there,[DILD] he looked a lot thinner and had longish hair, rather like he used to in the 70s, I realised then that I was much younger, a child no older than six.

[I remember thinking: Well damn, how did I miss all those dream signs?]

**This dream is really a good example of of why you should sleep properly, if you are attempting to lucid dream. I went to bed much later than normal, so naturally I was more tired than I other wise would be. As a result it took me a lot longer for me to realise I was dreaming. The tiredness I have in dreams represents my real state, if I am exhausted the dreams feel sleepy and not fully coherent. But it also affects my ability to judge whether I am in dream, not that dissimilar to judging other things in real life. The bigger downside is that once I became lucid, my ability to recall dream detail diminished dramatically. **