23rd July 2012


I was with my mother at our old house. I was making my way from the living room to my bedroom, which involved walking down a narrow corridor. As I approached my bedroom door I noticed the loft ladder hatch was open. I tried to push it shut and that’s when I felt the negative energy. [This is quite common for me, ghost related dreams are the ones that have always have bad feelings and almost nightmare-ish qualities.] I started to back away, scared by what I was feeling.

I returned back to the living room to the safety of my mother. As I turned to face the hallway door, I saw the shadowy figure of a man. Even though I was full of fear, I felt there was nothing evil about this being. I slowly approached the figure and took it in my arms and started to hug it. I gave it nothing but comfort and positive emotions. As I turned around and started to walk it to my mother, the figure turned from a man into the shape of one of my cats, though still in shadow.

I felt nervous, wondering if it was a bad sign about the cat.

[False Awakening]
As this point I awoke with a bad feeling I always seem to get after these types of dreams, as though I am not alone in my room and felt cold. Without opening my eyes, I grabbed the corner of the duvet and pulled it over me. I briefly looked at the clock.

[Somewhere between pulling the duvet and looking at the clock I woke up as I needed the toilet. I am unable to distinguish between the point of sleeping/waking. ]

Siamese Cat

23rd July 2012


I remember being in a large room, like some kind of dining hall. I was on a long L-shaped sofa, there were other people there, both male and female but I didn’t recognise any of them. A young female came around with food, some kind of noodle soup. [At this point I remember thinking, oh this dream again.] I remember a beautiful Siamese cat kept coming up to me, I would stroke it and play with it, in the back of my mind felt that it was important in some way.