New House

20th July 2012


I was walking down the street towards my current house. As I entered the front door there was building work going on. My father was in a room we don’t have doing some painting. He was climbing up a ladder that gave way and ended up falling off. He wasn’t hurt but I remember thinking using a ladder that wasn’t made out of straw might be more useful. My mother was sat in the corner of the room, she seemed happy, but quiet and sullen and about 20 years younger.

I made my way towards the kitchen, a small boxer type dog came through the door, it was black and white. I grabbed it by the collar and dragged it out. I was somewhat scared of this strange dog and was unsure if it was being friendly or not. I gently kicked it in a “move it” gesture. It ran off into a corner of the garden. These furry little brown creatures walked past me in a small group. I remember wondering if they were some kind of lemming. [Google images suggest my subconscious was right, they do appear to be lemmings.] I made my way up some steps, I started to feel guilty about man handling the dog as, in retrospect, I felt it wasn’t aggressive it was just being friendly. I hoped to meet it in another dream so I could be nicer to it.

At the top of the stairs I found a small plant, it looked similar to pennyroyal leaves, but there were no purple flower on it. There was a spiders web spun between the leaves.