I found myself in a large building, the walls were all white. It gave the impression of a large plantation style home. I was somewhere between 16 and 20 years of age. I was wearing jeans with a brownish shirt with a gun shoulder holster. [At this point in the dream I was watching from 3rd persion view] I was making my way through the room from left to right, while clearly trying to move with haste, it was a cautious movement.

I opened the door slowly and quietly at the other end, looking through the gap to check for movement of any kind. [As I looked through into the next area, my perception changed to 1st person again.] From what I could see the room beyond was like a cross between a vestibule and a conservatory. It was brilliant white and mostly glass, to the left I could see a glass door that lead outside. As I pushed the door open a little more, the size of the room became clear, I would have estimated around eleven foot square with a glass dome ceiling. I could hear sound, like muttered words coming from the opposite end.

I drew my gun, what appeared to be a Colt King Cobra, and carefully opened the door wide enough to see to the far side, I needn’t have been so cautious this time. The door, although ajar was solid like the one I was at, it was painted black and was set a few feet lower than the rest of the room. It stood out like a sore thumb when you were paying attention, but had that strange sort of invisibility at any other time. You only really notice it when there is a reason to. I moved through the doorway, quietly closing it behind me. I couldn’t tell who or what was making sounds and I didn’t want to give up what little advantage I had, the only thing I knew for sure is I would be out-numbered.

Now I was in the conservatory, I could clearly see the right hand side was a pure white wall, no doors or windows. The black door opened inwards with the hinges on the right. Using the right-hand wall as a little cover was out. The left side being glass offered no protection from anyone outside, so I simply chose the quickest option, I went straight down the middle, staying slightly to the left of the door opening. As I got closer I could make out speech, whoever these people were they were human and English, though they were speaking far too quietly for me to follow the context, I did pick up the occasional word. There was only one thing left to learn, friend or foe?

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