I found myself in a large building, the walls were all white. It gave the impression of a large plantation style home. I was somewhere between 16 and 20 years of age. I was wearing jeans with a brownish shirt with a gun shoulder holster. [At this point in the dream I was watching from 3rd persion view] I was making my way through the room from left to right, while clearly trying to move with haste, it was a cautious movement.

I opened the door slowly and quietly at the other end, looking through the gap to check for movement of any kind. [As I looked through into the next area, my perception changed to 1st person again.] From what I could see the room beyond was like a cross between a vestibule and a conservatory. It was brilliant white and mostly glass, to the left I could see a glass door that lead outside. As I pushed the door open a little more, the size of the room became clear, I would have estimated around eleven foot square with a glass dome ceiling. I could hear sound, like muttered words coming from the opposite end.

I drew my gun, what appeared to be a Colt King Cobra, and carefully opened the door wide enough to see to the far side, I needn’t have been so cautious this time. The door, although ajar was solid like the one I was at, it was painted black and was set a few feet lower than the rest of the room. It stood out like a sore thumb when you were paying attention, but had that strange sort of invisibility at any other time. You only really notice it when there is a reason to. I moved through the doorway, quietly closing it behind me. I couldn’t tell who or what was making sounds and I didn’t want to give up what little advantage I had, the only thing I knew for sure is I would be out-numbered.

Now I was in the conservatory, I could clearly see the right hand side was a pure white wall, no doors or windows. The black door opened inwards with the hinges on the right. Using the right-hand wall as a little cover was out. The left side being glass offered no protection from anyone outside, so I simply chose the quickest option, I went straight down the middle, staying slightly to the left of the door opening. As I got closer I could make out speech, whoever these people were they were human and English, though they were speaking far too quietly for me to follow the context, I did pick up the occasional word. There was only one thing left to learn, friend or foe?

With gun raised, I gently placed my foot on the corner of the door and pushed. As luck would have it, that left me pointing my gun, directly at what appeared to be the leader of the group. He was thin with dark hair and facial stubble, he couldn’t be older than 20 himself. He looked like someone who desperately wanted to shower and shave, but couldn’t find the time. I glanced quickly around the dark room, there was one solitary low light bulb in the centre of the small room, the light it cast was enough to see four people in the room, though did not reach the corners well enough to see anyone who might be lurking. The room appeared to be nothing more than a furnace room with no windows or additional exits. Not really the kind of room you wanted to be caught in.

The male didn’t move but to look at me, though all conversation stopped instantly. Across a small wooden desk was a female in her teens along with a young male, no older than 13 and a second female in her teens stood behind him. None of them appeared to be a threat. The oldest male appeared to have become de facto leader of this small group. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if prior to the outbreak these people didn’t even know each other. In this environment, age often dictated leadership, at least amongst the young ones who just wanted to someone to tell them what to do.
I lowered my gun and the male noticeably exhaled. I walked into the room, just enough so that I could close the door behind me. I took the time to have a better look at the small group. None of them appeared to have any projectile weapons, just an axe and crowbars.
“You don’t want to stay here long, with no way out you’ll be screwed if they find you.” I said quietly.
“we’re deciding which way to go” The eldest girl replied. I nodded, her response didn’t strike me as someone who truly understood the danger of staying in this small room. She was trying to give a logical answer to an illogical act.

I reached behind my back and pulled a second gun from my waist-band. A small Berretta style hand gun. I placed it on the small table and told the male it had 14 bullets and to use them wisely. I left the room and towards the outside door.

Outside it was bright with blue skies. I felt it must be around mid-afternoon. I made my way around the building until I reached a small door that led down into a basement like area. I slowly made my way in, there was no light in here other than what came in through the open door. There was a small room in front of me, no door just an open arch. It gave the impression of an old coal storage area. As I walked into the room I heard a dog bark from the adjoining area.

The dog was a Rough Collie (Think Lassie) it was barking constantly, my first thought was to shoot it. The sound would attract them and that wouldn’t be good for anyone. It was clearly to me that the dog was not a threat, just scared. I tried to calm it down verbally. It took a few moments for the dog to quieten; once it did I approached it. As I reached out a hand I realised the dog wasn’t just scared it was trying to warn me. I saw movement from behind the dog. The movement gave away instantly this was not a friend of any kind. I raised the gun and fired. The noise made my ears ring with ghost sounds, I didn’t have the luxury of waiting around to recover.

I started to back out of the room whistling for the dog to follow, if the barking hadn’t alerted them to my presence, the gunshot sure as hell did. I made my way quickly, but cautiously around the building, aiming for the front of the building. As I turned a corner I heard shuffling behind me. I turned and fired multiple shots into the small group of zombies. I found myself on a tarmac driveway, to my left was a small wall with at least a ten foot drop on the other side. As I looked around the dog barked, alerting me to the group of zombies still following me and almost within touching distance. I mumbled to myself that this was unfair, I’d hit all of them. With little time to reload or react I went old school on them. Thank fuck for Judo.
As they reached me I grabbed their tattered clothing and used their momentum to launch them over the wall behind me. The drop might not kill any of them, but they’d be unable to bite me. I didn’t have much time, as each one flew over the wall another was already on me. How I managed to dispatch all eight of them without being bitten was close to a miracle. Certain all zombies were dispatched, I made my way back towards the group I met earlier.

As I approached the room it was clear they had already left, but I could still hear shuffling in the room. With no other sound, I had to assume it was a threat. I quickly reloaded. I pushed the door open and aimed in the direction of the shuffling, I almost fired before realising it was a young girl, maybe twelve or thirteen. She was wearing a red top and blue ratty jeans, her blonde hair waving below her shoulders as she spun to face me. She looked so young but any trace of innocence was gone, replaced with the look of someone who had had to grow up far too quickly. She was holding a knife in her left hand, resting their limply, no sign of aggression in her posture. I lowered the gun and quickly surveyed the room. I noticed a large window in the right hand corner with a black towel pulled down. The window may well have been there the entire time, just covered so no one could see in. I could see a group of zombies approaching the house through the window, probably a little too far away for them to see us. There wasn’t much time to waste.

I entered the room, asking the girl if she wanted to join me. She spoke to me, but her body language gave the impression she didn’t want to be alone. Anyone was better than no one. I walked up to the table and spotted a hand written note. I could only assume that it was from the male taking lead of the other group. There was a number followed by Chocolate Factory – North. He was telling me where they were going.
I glanced back at the window, they were closer now. I told the girl we had to move, if we stayed much longer we’d never get out alive.


I found myself, the girl and the dog on a road. We were taking refuge behind a car that was stopped diagonally across the road. The hill was steep, from the top anyone or anything could see us, just as we could see those below. I took the time to call the number on my phone. It was the male, I told him we were following them and starting our climb up the hill. He said he would wait, half way up but send the others onwards to the factory. We set off again, though we had a good lead, these things seemed to know where we were almost like they can smell us.

We made our way up the hill as fast as we could meeting the male who told me on the phone his name was Mark. I looked back in the direction we came, I made out a group of zombie heading towards the hill. As I suggested we should keep moving, something caught my attention. Two old women zombie were using dogs to track our scent. These things were evolving intelligence. I looked at Mark, I realised he didn’t really get what was happening. “The fuckers are using dogs to track us!” I said, I watched his face drop as it dawned on him. I didn’t need to tell him they were getting smarter. “We need to warn the girls.” We turned and started to run as the dream ended.