Visiting Stephan

4th September 2012

I found myself in a house. Stephan was greeting me and leading me into a large room. To the left was a dining/kitchen area and to the right a large living room. I walked down into the large area and sat on the sofa, a large female probably in her early twenties was talking to me. She resembled Molly Tarlov, though taller and a little heavier. She was attempting to get me interested in her; with little success. She moved from her chair to the sofa I was on, as though a closer distance would change my impression of her but there was something about her that I didn’t like and didn’t trust.

I eventually tired of her prattling and moved towards the kitchen/dining area. The room was quite large and any furniture had been moved to make it into a giant wrestling/MMA ring. A man was trying to get people to fight his son, who could have been no older than eleven years. His constant challenges annoyed me to the point I wanted to embarrass the kid. I removed my shirt and watch and handed them to the kid’s father. I circled the boy and gave him a “come on then” gesture with my hands. The kid came forward and raised his hand towards me, I grabbed it, pulled him forward with a twist so that he ended up facing away from me. My right arm immediately came around his neck, though I was having a little problem getting it under his chin. My conscious lucid mind then chimed in to remind me to use my left hand on his forehead, to pull his head back then push forward to cut off his blood supply. The boy gave up in seconds.

I returned to get my shirt and watch and was quite annoyed when I realised the watch was missing. I started to wandering the house looking for Stephan, I hadn’t seen him since the dream started. I found myself in a small corridor with steps leading upstairs. As I made my way around a tiny push-chair a child within it cried. It was the smallest thing I had ever seen. I put my hand in front of it’s face, the palm of which was bigger than it’s entire head. I pushed my hand into its face and made it cry, before I made my way upstairs.

The bedrooms were all decorated for children, there were several kids, all female play with different toys. Stephan clearly wasn’t up here. I made my way back door and out of the kitchen door. Outside there was a small shed like building that appeared to have been modified to be a bedroom. I knew this was Stephan’s room. But he clearly wasn’t in. I turned to the left and found myself in an area that looked like a mix of some type of low security prison for teens and a machine factory. Kids in prison like uniforms were playing, while others were lifting metal beams and moving them. After wandering around I returned to the end I entered to find that it had changed into some kind conveyor belt, I had to walk across it to reach the stairs to get back out.