False Awakenings

21st October 2012


There were multiple False Awakenings, over 15 that I can recall though most of them were the same thing repeated. Much like yesterday’s FA, I became lucid after the light failed to turn on. I remained lucid through out all the following false awakenings.

I wake up: I feel strange and the darkness is bothersome. It feels wrong, I try to turn the light on but it’s so dim. I don’t want to get out of bed but I feel I have to.

I wake up: The darkness again leaves me feeling apprehensive. The light seems to fade in and out and I feel as though I am no longer alone in my room.

I wake up: There is a definitive presence now,  I try to turn on the light but as always it fails to work. I stand up and try to turn on the ceiling light with the pull chord.

I’m laying in bed on my side, I don’t move. I seem fully aware of my physical body, but cannot tell if this is real or a dream. It was a brief moment of awareness that seemed too real for a dream, but too short to say for sure it was real.

I wake up: The presence is stronger now and I can sense it by the door. I don’t bother trying the lights, I know what the result will be. I get out of bed and walk hazily toward it, my movement and thought is slow which is common for me in LDs in which my body/mind is still tired. I reach out near the door to where the presence is, my hand goes cold from a strong breeze that seems to swirl in the area. I move away and towards the window.

I wake up: I go straight to the window. I am annoyed now, the number of false awakenings is simply annoying I want some light. I open the curtains and force the sky to brighten, if the lights won’t woke I will change the time of day. The effort exhausts me and I am too tired to put the will power into making a change to daylight, though I did enough to make it twilight.

I wake up: Now I am simply annoyed. I don’t care for this any more and just want to wake up.

I wake up: Enough already. I can feel my body now, I can feel the discomfort in my ear that is most likely keeping me on the edge of sleep and wakefulness. This version happens multiple times, I’m not sure how many, but I would estimate at least five times. I did keep track during my sleep how many times I “woke up” but am unable to recall for sure now.

I wake up: I reach for my ear to pull out the ear plug that is causing the discomfort, there is nothing in my dream ear, but I am hoping since I am so close to wakefulness that my physical arm might repeat the movement.

I wake up: I am getting more annoyed by the moment. I know I am sleeping and I am willing myself each time to wake up now.

I wake up: I do nothing this time. I simply close my eyes and wake up.