Fragment One

20th October 2012

I found myself near where I grew up, on the main road approaching the shops and traffic lights. There was a staircase that lead upwards from the corner of the crossroads to the buildings on our side of the street. There was a group of males there, clearly intoxicated. One of them walked in front of me to enter one of the buildings causing me to slow down and slip on the wet pavement. I mentioned, in a jocular manner, that I nearly fell on my ass. The male that passed me turned around and started mouthing off. Clearly to drunk to hear the soft, joking tone. As I attempted to explain it to him he became more and more agitated.

He started to circle me, his energy was becoming increasingly hostile. A younger male with blonde hair, perhaps not yet in his twenties put his arm around the man and lead him off. Telling me to run under his breath as he turned. As I started to turn, something triggered the drunk to violence. I saw him out of the corner of my eye go around the other side of the stairs to cut me off. He approached quickly, my response was as timely as his attempt to punch out. I spun around, round-house kicking him in the face. He stumbled backwards, almost falling to the floor, he was able to use his hand to push himself up and around in a circular motion.

His demeanour changed instantly. Perhaps he no longer saw me as a target; as he turned away from me I stepped forwards. He maybe done but I was not, now I was angry and needed release. I grabbed the collar of his jacket before he turned his back to me and brought two hard punches down on him before pushing him away. He landed on his rear and I told him he needed to lighten up as the dream faded.

Fragment Two – False Awakenings

20th October 2012

I woke up in bed, I was laying on my back with my arms folded back some my fists lay just under my chin. The room was dark and there was a weird feeling in the room. Something was wrong, but my mind was too tired to make sense of it. I tried to turn on the lamp next to the bed, but it wouldn’t work. [EILD] I tried to stand, the air seemed to shimmer around me, I felt like I was trying to walk through treacle. I managed to make it into the bathroom. I looked into the bathroom mirror; my face was moving as through I was traveling at high speed and the wind was blowing my mouth and cheeks. I noticed I looked more feminine than usual and my hair was down to my shoulders. Through out the dream I kept getting sensations of my real body, the position I was laying (which was the same position as the start of the FA) and that I was uncomfortable.