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The Pack & Ghost Cat 2


16th Dec 2012
I feel the need to warn that near the end of this dream is a rather detailed section describing violence to an infant. I have chosen to keep this in the dream as I do not like to edit them, however I have taken the option to change the colour of the text to a dark grey so the reader has the option to skip or read it. The scene may be distressing to some due to its nature. I cannot be held reliable for any distress caused if you chose to highlight and read the passage.

Me and my father had moved into a new house, which in my dreams is often my previous house, I remember thinking that I was ready to move on now. That the things that kept me tied to my current house were no longer holding me back. In older dreams where I have moved house with the family, I have always felt upset that I was leaving certain things behind that you might say I had become obsessed with or overly attached to. I was happy to be moving on now, and more so, I was so happy that I was back to my old house. A house I missed so much.

I decided to go outside and have a look around. The street was completely different to where the real house is situated. On one side there were houses of different sizes, from bungalows to row houses. The street was sloped, from my right hand side going up and down to the left. Opposite were trees and bushed, many of them were bare or turning Autumn gold. Behind those you could see the embankment drop. It kind of reminded me of Scarborough.

I went for a walk, turning left from the house and crossing the street. I made my way to a little benched that was facing the tree line. I noticed a little fox running around. I started to approach me so I stood on the bench, but it was able to take hold of my left foot. I felt no pain and didn’t believe that it had penetrated to boot I was wearing. I started to kick at it, trying to force it away from me. I managed to grab a long thick pole. It looked like a tree branch that had been stripped bare and smoothed out. I used it to push the fox back, then kicked the end hard. It didn’t seem to harm the fox, but it did push it down the embankment and out of my way.  The embankment seemed to steep for the fox to climb and I turned around and made my way back up the hill.

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14th Dec 2012

I found myself in some kind of work building. I was making my way to the exit, but I was constantly being blocked or stopped to chat with random people. I finally reached the stairs that lead to the main doors and again at the top of the stairs my path was blocked by someone.

We briefly spoke and as I was about to start on my way again I noticed a man who just started on the stairs was sweating profusely. This caught my attention and I noticed that he kept playing with his left arm, as though it was uncomfortable. Instantly my mind kicked into overdrive and I was next to him in a moment. I stopped him and told the person on the stairs who had originally stopped my movement to call an ambulance. I knew instinctively that this man was having a heart attack.

As I was helping the man, trying to make him more comfortable it occurred to me that all those times that I was stopped or simply caught up and unable to keep moving, it was all to make sure I was here when this man was. As though I was the only one who could save him, who would have noticed in time that he was having difficulties. I could hear sirens as the dream faded.

Ghost Cat

I wake up, lying in bed face down. I felt the cat jump up on to the bed and walk over me and up the left/wall side of the bed and lay down near the top, right by my head. I daren’t move, I don’t show that I am aware of its presence.  I was fearful; in the back of my mind these experiences usually mean the loss of the animal. I have had these dreams in the past the night a pet dies, I’ve always considered it to be their way of saying goodbye.  What makes these experiences more unnerving is that I have never been able to tell whether or not I am awake or asleep when they happen. If I am asleep; there is a seamless transition to being wakeful.

Facebook & The Bed Sheet


10th December ’12

I found myself in my bedroom sat in front of the PC, I was perusing Facebook and talking to a few people, including Miss T,  through it’s chat system. [Something I’d never do since I hate the FBChat]. As we are chatting I feel the need to leave the room, I start to walk towards the stairs and my phone beeps. I check the notification and it’s a webcam chat via facebook from Miss T, I click the notification to open it fully and find she is completely naked and “showing” herself at her chat companion. She was stroking her own body sensually, over her breasts and down teasing masturbation.

I rush back to my room to open this on the PC and open the recording software, as it loads she is now sat close up and wearing a sweater but still chatting away. It was clear to me that she had no idea the video chat had been sent to me as well as her intended partner…

The Bed Sheet

10th December ’12

I remember waking up, I was so tired through lack of sleep that I could barely stay awake. I looked across towards the clock and realised it was past 8am and the brat was going to be late for his bus. I tried to sit up, I caught glimpse of my jogging pants at the bottom of the bed on the floor, I wondered why they would be there. As I tried to get up I realised that a loose thread on the quilt was wrapped around my toe. I tried to unravel it, cursing at it for doing it now when he was late. Acceptance slowly kicked in, the bus had likely gone over ten minutes ago. I closed my eyes and drifted back off into the sleep void.