The Silver Man

11th March 2013

I found myself in my grandfather’s house. I was having trouble seeing; a combination of tunnel vision and darkness. There was four other people there, one was my grandfather and another was Wyvern though I didn’t register this for some time, it was Stephan in appearance, but I didn’t recognise this person as Stephan, he was sat in the old high-backed chair we got when I was child and gave to my grandfather soon after.  There was a woman there too, she had a sense of being both old and young.

I started to feel trapped, afraid, like there was an dark presence around me. I made my way to the downstairs toilet, the further I got from the living room the more alone and afraid I felt. As I shut the toilet door I heard a voice in my head; it was telling me that the power I had was dark, that it was “his” power. I felt an overwhelming need to be back in the living room. I opened the door and walked back into the living room. The first thing I did was hold my hand out to Wyvern, he took it, our fingers interlaced and I told him I didn’t want this power, not if it was dark. I asked him to take it.


I was sat in the recliner, everything was dark, I was struggling to hold onto this dreamscape. I felt so alone. I held my left hand out and Wyvern took it, everything seemed easier now, the feeling was gone and it was easier to see. He walked around in front of me and headed to the window letting go of my hand.

He stood there in front of the window I asked him to show me what he looks like silver, he appeared to concentrate as though trying to show me something, but he was looking away and down as though trying to hide something. I mentioned that I couldn’t see anything as he walked back past. Then a thought occurred to me and I asked him, are you Wyvern or C? I got a sense that he missed the question I repeated it as he sat down on the chair.

“You’re unworthy of those answers.” This answer shocked me, but it wasn’t so much the words as it was the voice and the understanding of who was talking. “What? Say that again.” I asked.

“You’re unworthy of those answers”. The voice was not Stephan’s, it was masculine, but seemed higher in tone and was full of confidence and humour. It was not lost on me that he sat in the chair as though he was regal and the high-back gave it the impression of being a throne. I got a distinct impression of knowledge now, knowledge to a level I couldn’t comprehend and could certainly understand why some might feel overwhelmed, but it was that knowledge that made me feel safe, almost protected.

I remember asking something along the lines of if he is around me often. He seemed bemused and said: ‘You can’t tell?’ I responded by telling him that I am not aware enough to notice these things.

He then mentioned that I should feel different, he started to pull out some paper, a list of things that seemed important at the time. I only caught part of one of the words which was “meta-“. I moved to the floor to get a closer look.

My grandfather started to act weird, I noticed that Wyvern started to recede. The woman gave off an air of being Russian, a former WW2 soldier. She and my Grandfather had known each other and there was bad blood then just as the image of Wyvern began to recede the whole dreamscape faded.

It’s worth noting that the dream was very disjointed and I can’t be sure of the exact order of things.