Twisted Twisters

12th September 2013

I was on a beach front road walking down it with my father; the area somewhat resembled Scarborough. We walked to the end of the road and reached a small beach shack selling random holiday type things. My father kept trying to buy me a kids quad-cycle. This caused some confusion, is I was having trouble understanding what age range I was supposed to be in.

As we were waiting people began to scream, I turned around. The beach scene was now a large grass field. There was a tornado approaching, it didn’t give off any sense of wind movement but it did make a low rumbling sound and it had a bluish tint, like a small LED light at the top. It didn’t seem to affect anything it touched, that is until it hit a person and then it sucked them upwards. This didn’t seem to be any ordinary tornado.

I grabbed my father’s hand and pulled him away and started running, somewhere along the way I grabbed an girl, she was around fourteen with blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. I seemed to know this girl, there was a bond there.


We were in a grassy area with trees ahead and houses to my left. It reminded me of the lower playing field at high school. I had a plan to help save the people I was with, I shrunk them down and put them in a toy A-Team van, which I could hold and run with faster.


I’m in a built up area, the houses are mostly small one storey buildings, that seem common in the US. I’m now alone, I now know these tornados are not natural and that they controlled by a conscious mind. They appear to be some kind of mechanism for taking people.

I hear something off on the main road ahead and duck into a house. There seems to have been some kind of time lapse since my memory jump, the houses all look old and abandoned. There was nowhere downstairs I felt would be safe, so I ran upstairs into a bed room. I found a spot where the floor had been pulled up and dived into it and covered myself. There was a hole in the wall that I was able to peek through.


I was making my way out of the building and continued heading toward the road, there were other people here. All of them appeared to be teenagers between 15-18. There was one who was quite large with shaved blonde hair, he seemed to be their leader. One of them yelled and pointed out there were two tornadoes at the end of the street about hundred yards away. One of them carried on going straight while one turned in our direction.

There was something different about these, it felt wrong. I noticed the colour was pink not blue. A few of the boys run across the road and down the alley, the rest of us ducked behind a garden wall.  The leader wanted to get closer, and started to move up. I stayed where I was with a few others, trying to decide whether to follow or run like the others had. One of his followers yelled for the rest to join them, causing the tornado to move towards them. This was new, it followed sound! My choice was made, without thinking about it I bolted for the alley way at the other side of the road and ran down it.


I found myself in a field in the countryside, there was a road nearby, but I was staying away from it. I could see an old wooden building ahead, it had the look of one of those “middle of no-where” pubs that had been remodelled back into a house. Like everything else it looked old and forgotten. I snuck in the back, looking for  somewhere to rest up, the glass was cracked and shattered in the door and windows. There were cobwebs and insects everywhere. Making my way through towards the front I started to hear noises, as I got closer I realised it was the sound of children playing.

I came into a little conservatory type place, there was a group of nudists that seemed to be in their late 40s onwards. There was a tornado coming down the road, they seemed not to care, I tried to warn them that these new ones were sound tracking and the kids would attract it, but they seemed uninterested.