Black Snake

23rd Sept 2013

I was walking down a corridor, making my way to my room. The building I was in was huge, it felt like I lived here but the building seemed more like a Hotel than a house. The corridor came to an end, the door to my room was straight ahead with three small steps leading up to the door, to my right was another room with the door ajar.

As I approached my room I realised there was a black snake in front of the door. I picked it up and the snake became wild; thrashing around and angry. The pattern on the snake was similar to a Burmese python, dark patches were jet black with a dark grey outline and the lighter weaving pattern was a silvery grey.  My right hand held the back of the snake with my left trying to control the head, as my hand slipped back the snake had enough room to turn and sink fangs into my left hand between the fore-finger and thumb.

I could see through the open door, there was a man sat on the bed on a mobile phone. I tried to get his attention and asked for help telepathically. I felt the snake thrash around and sink teeth into me again. I had no fear of the snake, more anxiousness from not knowing how to deal with it. I walked into the man’s room now and asked again for his help, he hung up as I approached.

There were more snakes here, I could sense them around me. One of them approached me with curiosity. This was another black one, but instead of the slivery weave, this one was a midnight blue shade, but the colour was bright as though it was emitting the colour like a light.

The man was looked youngish, he was one of those that you couldn’t really tell if he was mid-twenties or mid-thirties. He had short, shaved brown hair, clean shaven and in a casual dark suit. There was nothing physically noteworthy about him, but he had a presence about him you couldn’t ignore and a power rolled off him like electricity. I asked him if the snakes were his, he greeted me indifferently and said something that I missed.

He held out his hands towards the wild snake in mine, I questioned in my mind why he didn’t use the power he had to kill the beast, did he have that kind of power or was I just misinterpreting the power? The snake’s demeanour changed as soon as he took it, it was calm and almost playful in his hands. I took a seat next to him on the bed and he answered the question I had thought to myself as if had asked it out-loud.

“This snake is kind and playful with most. But there are some it doesn’t like,  those like you with a special gift and the thirteen people you will tell.” I seemed shocked by this, surprised that he knew about my gift, bit more so that he said I would tell thirteen others about it. He said more which I didn’t hear clearly but he asked whether I had told them all. I responded automatically, letting him know that I had not, I understood that he could see things that were to come and was curious about where I was on my path, I knew that there would be thirteen in total that I would share my gift with, it just felt right.

Throughout the conversation I watched the snake in his hands, it seemed happy and calm, he even seemed to be able to communicate with it using the power that rolled from him like a lighthouse beacon.

I heard a noise then, like movement of a bag. I questioned whether the noise was ‘here’ in this place or in the waking world. Even in the dream I felt this was more than just a dream, I couldn’t put into words how it felt but it was not a regular dream.  The mere thought of where the noise had come from ripped me from the dream and through me into waking world like I’d been hit by a truck. One sentence followed me and that was his voice saying “There is more to come.”