The Last Supper

26th April 2014

I found myself on the edge of a large white room. Everything thing seemed to be white, the décor, the furniture, and everything in between. Although everything seemed to be white, individual items could be clearly distinguished as though they had other colours, but their individuality was being merged into one but the light. Beyond the light there was a feeling of silver, like it was lurking in the background.

The apartment was Wyvern’s, he was playing host and this night was all about him. Although there was other people there, they seemed to come in and out as though no one was really here, but everyone was here.

I stepped into the room and the people became clearer, they continued to move in and out as though shifting realities continually. I was able to recognise some of them, one was Eilatan, another was Rhewin, most of the others were shadows to me, though I had a distinct feeling one was Thorn.

I moved up to the table and we ate as though we were all one. I looked at Wyvern, he was wearing a full white suit. He seemed to be content.

The scene started to change, the room seemed to change to what was needed at a given moment. The other people seemed to fade out for the final time and then we were in bed together. I was spooning Wyvern, it felt like I was on the edge of sleep when I heard his voice in my mind. “Everyone else has gone, why are you still here? “
“Because I love you and you know I’ll always be here for you, in one form or another, no matter what.” I feel him relax under my arms and I wish he would stay.

There seemed to be a time shift, we were still in bed, but now morning had come. Nothing seemed to have changed since the previous moment, but I instinctively knew he was awake now. I moved in such a way as to suggest a surprise was coming. There was a light growl as I rose over him. “I’m just messing, I knew you was awake.”

I blinked as I moved into a sitting position, keeping the white sheets over me. As I opened my eyes, wyvern had now changed and appeared as a Cat. The cat moved over the bed and sat in my lap, I stoked him as the last though to run through my mind before waking was: “I see.”