This blog was started as a place for my dreams. Since I lack motivation to write down my dreams in general, I figured doing so on a blog where other people can read them would help.

Dreaming has always been a big part of my life, it’s that place we get to go to every night to escape the pressures, stress and repetition that is everyday life. Since the age of four years I have taken refuge in the dream world ever since I started to lucid dream, though at the time I wasn’t aware it was anything special that some people have trouble to do and that others have never done it at all.

I’ve always found pleasure in bending my dreams to my will, whether in the large scale or the small scale. I also find release and pleasure in nightmares, and while they have receded as I have aged, I still long for them and love them when they do come. Dreams are a wonderful place to explore the deepest of emotions, from fear to excitement and love to hate. Perhaps it’s my love of horror/scary movies that thrills me so much with nightmares, who can say. Love of nightmares is not something I’ve have always felt, this is something that developed in my teens, but my early nightmares are what triggered my first lucid dream as a child.

Then there’s the lucid aspect. Lucid dreaming for those that don’t know; is simply the ability to know you are dreaming while you are dreaming. But with this knowledge comes the ability to do much more, once the conscious mind is awake during dream it opens up the ability to take control of your dreams. Whether it simply be your own actions, to control other dream characters or even shape the entire dream world to your desire. Lucid dreaming is a wonderful tool for those of us who love to explore dreams.

So how did I discover lucid dreaming originally? As a young child I kept having a recurring nightmare. In this nightmare my kindergarten class was being terrorised by a giant ape. How long I had this dream I couldn’t say, but one night during the nightmare, I was not only aware that it was a dream, but I was annoyed that it was happening again. It was that annoyance that led me to force the dream to change. Somewhere along the way I changed the ape’s demeanor, at the point were he normally bursts through the wall, I was riding on his shoulders. The ape started giving all the kids piggy back rides and it was the last time I had that nightmare.

As I found out a few years ago, I am a natural lucid dreamer. This means I lucid dream naturally, I don’t need to do reality checks or use methods like WILD and MILD etc. I simply maintain a state of consciousness through dream states or occasionally they are trigger through DILDs. The majority of my remembered dreams are in a state of low lucidity, but I do still have regular/normal dreams, particularly when I am ext. While my interest in lucid dreaming has waned over the past years, to the point I generally do not try to take control, my interest in dreaming has not. I much prefer to see where dreams take me now and follow the story like a TV viewer. Though that is not to say I don’t occasionally take control, particularly if I am finding the current dream a little bland or boring.

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