This blog is intended to be a place for my dreams. Though may occasionally be used for other things. A few things to note; my dreams will take on two forms. They will either be written in a form with only minor details, but with additional commentary in a colour code which will be explained further down. Or they will be written in a more story-esque type of way, I particularly do this with longer dreams, as it helps it flow when reading. A good example of these are the first two dreams on the blog.

Take the Wyvern Games: Near the end I am in a locker hiding and state that “I must have blacked out” this would be a place where commentary would often say [jump] to show that the dream skips a little (or at least my memory of the events did). But due to writing it in a story-esque style I chose to use something that would fit better and make sense to the dream, rather than just interrupting the flow by saying [jump]

For the “Back to school…” dream, I use a more classic dream style. Text to give different detail will be shown in coloured text, the colour will vary based on what type of information is being given.

[Jump] – A simple notation to show where dream recall is lacking, or where a dream simply jumps from one location or point in time to another.
[Red] – Red text will denote additional real world information.
[Blue] – Blue text will be used to give additional information about what is happening in the dream, after thoughts or general commentary.
[Green] – Green text will be used for the more story-esque style to show where I have embellished detail, such as replacing [jumps] with appropriate things within context.
[Yellow/Orange] – This will be used to make note of Lucidity, whether it is a DILD triggered moment or simply taking lucid control.  Markers such as [control] & [/control] for the points where I actually started/stopped taking control, or [DILD] if lucidity was triggered in the dream. Sometimes I may use [EILD], this refers to an Error Induced Lucid Dream. Often the way I recognise False awakenings is that certain things don’t behave as they should, such as lights not working, or clocks having impossible times. So for my personal reference I have coined these as Error Induced Lucid Dreams.
[#] – Number markers maybe used as reference points that will be given at the end of a dream. These maybe used in story-esque style dreams where I have chosen to give more details relating to green text.

Sometimes I may refer to “keywords” such as in the 17th April dream. Since the majority of my dreams are low-level lucids, I will often use keywords in my dreams to help me recall specific detail. Such as “beach” to help remember details on the beach, or Eilatan-can and office home. If I feel something is important I will repeat to myself during the dream a word related to the even and remember that it is important. On other occations, I may wake and use the same technique as I drift off back to sleep.