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Facebook & The Bed Sheet


10th December ’12

I found myself in my bedroom sat in front of the PC, I was perusing Facebook and talking to a few people, including Miss T,  through it’s chat system. [Something I’d never do since I hate the FBChat]. As we are chatting I feel the need to leave the room, I start to walk towards the stairs and my phone beeps. I check the notification and it’s a webcam chat via facebook from Miss T, I click the notification to open it fully and find she is completely naked and “showing” herself at her chat companion. She was stroking her own body sensually, over her breasts and down teasing masturbation.

I rush back to my room to open this on the PC and open the recording software, as it loads she is now sat close up and wearing a sweater but still chatting away. It was clear to me that she had no idea the video chat had been sent to me as well as her intended partner…

The Bed Sheet

10th December ’12

I remember waking up, I was so tired through lack of sleep that I could barely stay awake. I looked across towards the clock and realised it was past 8am and the brat was going to be late for his bus. I tried to sit up, I caught glimpse of my jogging pants at the bottom of the bed on the floor, I wondered why they would be there. As I tried to get up I realised that a loose thread on the quilt was wrapped around my toe. I tried to unravel it, cursing at it for doing it now when he was late. Acceptance slowly kicked in, the bus had likely gone over ten minutes ago. I closed my eyes and drifted back off into the sleep void.


False Awakenings

False Awakenings

21st October 2012


There were multiple False Awakenings, over 15 that I can recall though most of them were the same thing repeated. Much like yesterday’s FA, I became lucid after the light failed to turn on. I remained lucid through out all the following false awakenings.

I wake up: I feel strange and the darkness is bothersome. It feels wrong, I try to turn the light on but it’s so dim. I don’t want to get out of bed but I feel I have to.

I wake up: The darkness again leaves me feeling apprehensive. The light seems to fade in and out and I feel as though I am no longer alone in my room.

I wake up: There is a definitive presence now,  I try to turn on the light but as always it fails to work. I stand up and try to turn on the ceiling light with the pull chord. View full article »

Fragment One

20th October 2012

I found myself near where I grew up, on the main road approaching the shops and traffic lights. There was a staircase that lead upwards from the corner of the crossroads to the buildings on our side of the street. There was a group of males there, clearly intoxicated. One of them walked in front of me to enter one of the buildings causing me to slow down and slip on the wet pavement. I mentioned, in a jocular manner, that I nearly fell on my ass. The male that passed me turned around and started mouthing off. Clearly to drunk to hear the soft, joking tone. As I attempted to explain it to him he became more and more agitated.

He started to circle me, his energy was becoming increasingly hostile. A younger male with blonde hair, perhaps not yet in his twenties put his arm around the man and lead him off. Telling me to run under his breath as he turned. As I started to turn, something triggered the drunk to violence. I saw him out of the corner of my eye go around the other side of the stairs to cut me off. He approached quickly, my response was as timely as his attempt to punch out. I spun around, round-house kicking him in the face. He stumbled backwards, almost falling to the floor, he was able to use his hand to push himself up and around in a circular motion. View full article »



13th October 2012

I found myself on a beach with a group of other people.  There was a beach football match going on and I had been picked to be one of the subs. As I was sat on the bench talking to the guy next to me,  I noticed it was getting visibly darker, the person next to us looked up and out towards the ocean. I could see his face visibly drop and he rushed into the building to our immediate right. Without following his gaze, I quickly followed him into the building and he pushed the door closed behind me as I entered.

It wasn’t until the door was closed and I was facing back outside toward the sea that I realised just what he had seen. The sky was so dark it was almost black, the approaching storm was already on top of us. The windows buffeted as the wind hit the building, closely followed by the thumping of heavy hail. There were a couple of other people in the room, one female and at least two other males.

As the storm became worse, my uneasiness began to drop. The building was holding up just fine and I started to relax. The building was similar to a classroom. Desks and chairs all in rows facing the front. There were two large windows with vertical blinds next to the door and the door itself had a window in the top half. From what I could see, there were no other windows.

As the storm began to ease and the hail stopped, we made a move for the city. I went with the female, who seemed to be part of a group with me. As the dream progressed, I began to understand that these violent storms were a result of environmental changes that had lead people to band together to help each other with storing supplies and general safety. These groups could be as violent as the storms and strangers were often untrusted.

I was walking with the female up some stairs as another storm threat made itself known. I told her to seek shelter as I had seen someone that appeared to need help. As I approached the spot, the person had disappeared. A small spattering of rain and hail was falling as I made my way back, the female was now in one of our shelters with a male. They kept opening the steal shutters of the garage door to see if I was approaching. I caught it as they were closing and entered. I tried to seal the door behind me, worried one of the males would attempt to get in. The doors refused to seal and I asked the other male to help me stand on the lip of the door to stop it being raised up.




I found myself in a large building, the walls were all white. It gave the impression of a large plantation style home. I was somewhere between 16 and 20 years of age. I was wearing jeans with a brownish shirt with a gun shoulder holster. [At this point in the dream I was watching from 3rd persion view] I was making my way through the room from left to right, while clearly trying to move with haste, it was a cautious movement.

I opened the door slowly and quietly at the other end, looking through the gap to check for movement of any kind. [As I looked through into the next area, my perception changed to 1st person again.] From what I could see the room beyond was like a cross between a vestibule and a conservatory. It was brilliant white and mostly glass, to the left I could see a glass door that lead outside. As I pushed the door open a little more, the size of the room became clear, I would have estimated around eleven foot square with a glass dome ceiling. I could hear sound, like muttered words coming from the opposite end.

I drew my gun, what appeared to be a Colt King Cobra, and carefully opened the door wide enough to see to the far side, I needn’t have been so cautious this time. The door, although ajar was solid like the one I was at, it was painted black and was set a few feet lower than the rest of the room. It stood out like a sore thumb when you were paying attention, but had that strange sort of invisibility at any other time. You only really notice it when there is a reason to. I moved through the doorway, quietly closing it behind me. I couldn’t tell who or what was making sounds and I didn’t want to give up what little advantage I had, the only thing I knew for sure is I would be out-numbered.

Now I was in the conservatory, I could clearly see the right hand side was a pure white wall, no doors or windows. The black door opened inwards with the hinges on the right. Using the right-hand wall as a little cover was out. The left side being glass offered no protection from anyone outside, so I simply chose the quickest option, I went straight down the middle, staying slightly to the left of the door opening. As I got closer I could make out speech, whoever these people were they were human and English, though they were speaking far too quietly for me to follow the context, I did pick up the occasional word. There was only one thing left to learn, friend or foe?

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Ghost & Siamese Cat


23rd July 2012


I was with my mother at our old house. I was making my way from the living room to my bedroom, which involved walking down a narrow corridor. As I approached my bedroom door I noticed the loft ladder hatch was open. I tried to push it shut and that’s when I felt the negative energy. [This is quite common for me, ghost related dreams are the ones that have always have bad feelings and almost nightmare-ish qualities.] I started to back away, scared by what I was feeling.

I returned back to the living room to the safety of my mother. As I turned to face the hallway door, I saw the shadowy figure of a man. Even though I was full of fear, I felt there was nothing evil about this being. I slowly approached the figure and took it in my arms and started to hug it. I gave it nothing but comfort and positive emotions. As I turned around and started to walk it to my mother, the figure turned from a man into the shape of one of my cats, though still in shadow. View full article »

New House

New House

20th July 2012


I was walking down the street towards my current house. As I entered the front door there was building work going on. My father was in a room we don’t have doing some painting. He was climbing up a ladder that gave way and ended up falling off. He wasn’t hurt but I remember thinking using a ladder that wasn’t made out of straw might be more useful. My mother was sat in the corner of the room, she seemed happy, but quiet and sullen and about 20 years younger.

I made my way towards the kitchen, a small boxer type dog came through the door, it was black and white. I grabbed it by the collar and dragged it out. I was somewhat scared of this strange dog and was unsure if it was being friendly or not. I gently kicked it in a “move it” gesture. It ran off into a corner of the garden. These furry little brown creatures walked past me in a small group. I remember wondering if they were some kind of lemming. [Google images suggest my subconscious was right, they do appear to be lemmings.] I made my way up some steps, I started to feel guilty about man handling the dog as, in retrospect, I felt it wasn’t aggressive it was just being friendly. I hoped to meet it in another dream so I could be nicer to it.

At the top of the stairs I found a small plant, it looked similar to pennyroyal leaves, but there were no purple flower on it. There was a spiders web spun between the leaves.

Home Delivery

Home Delivery


I was in bed and feeling very tired and sleepy. [A common feeling in dreams if I am not fully rested] I could hear the doorbell, but wasn’t sure if my step-brother was awake. I scrambled out of bed, noticing the time was about 8:45am, I stumbled into slippers as I put my dressing gown on. Opening the door I could hear movement downstairs, I quickly walked down.

At the bottom of the stairs, there were lots of parcels stacked almost five foot high in front of the door. Some with DHL markings on them. I moved them from the door and told my step-brother not to put them so close, or he wouldn’t be able to get in.

I noticed there was a strange clear walling between the boxes and the door, I was unsure what they were as two women came through the door with some more boxes. They were both around the same height as me, one was pale with blonde hair, the other was tanned with dark hair. She seemed to like me as she kept looking at me in ‘that’ way. Both of them appeared to be in their mid to late twenties.
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I remember I was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of the backroom between the dinner table and the kitchen with the fridge as the head of the makeshift bed. My step-brother walked into the room and turned into the utility room where there is now a downstairs toilet. For whatever reason I felt I needed to turn the lights off and pretend I was sleeping.


I was in the car with my youngest step-brother and father, who was driving. We pulled up to a shop and I asked for some coke in a can. As my dad went into the shop I saw him getting some cake, I yelled at Sam to tell him I said in a can, not a cake.