Night Flyer

13th Jan 2013

I found myself in bed. It was dark and there was some weird glowing transfer on my ceiling light shade. I started to cough and pulled out a copy of this transfer, I realised that for some reason I could duplicate things. I went to reach for the lamp next to the bed; after fiddling with it I finally was able to switch it on but the lamp stayed dark. At this point my conscious mind kicked in and said: “Is this a dream?” quickly followed by “Oh for fucks sake!” I’m not entirely sure why the realisation caused me to be annoyed at the fact I was lucid, it could be related to the fact that I no longer chase lucidity and was hoping to see where this odd starting dream would take me.

After a few moments I decided to take advantage of the lucidity, as it had been a while since I had this high a level of lucidity. I decided I would fly for a little while and try and improve my skill. Although I attain lower levels of lucidity on a regular basis, flying is something I never quite mastered in human form. I walked out of my bedroom door and found myself in the back garden of my old girlfriend’s house. I started to focus on floating off the ground. It took me a while, but I started to move upwards, as I did I realised there was a network of metal cables all around the house. I slowly manoeuvred myself around the house, towards the front garden and eventually up and over the cables, and preceded to fly down the street. I was having a hard time getting any real height though. I was contemplating trying to flying into space as I woke up.