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The Beach

The Beach

5th Feb 2013

I found myself walking down a beach, the sand was soft and dry beneath my feet, the tide appeared to be out as there was some distance between me and the blue sea. To my right was a rock face, clearly this part of the beach was only accessible via a gaunt down the coast line. There was no steps or other means to scale the rocks.

I sat down on a towel that was already out on the beach next to a girl in a blue bikini, it took me a while to realise it was Jenny. She was reading a book and seemed quite captivated by it; barely acknowledging my arrival. It wasn’t until I lay down on the towel that I realise I was completely naked; it didn’t bother me in the slightest but I could have sworn I had clothes on before I sat down.

We talked for a while before a small group of girls approached us, one of them was Alex. The group was planning on going somewhere and was wondering if we wanted to join them, Alex seemed quite amused by my lack of clothing and couldn’t refrain from taking a peek when she thought no one was looking. The dream faded as we started to stand.


Beach & Shopping Spree

Beach & Shopping Spree

17th April 2012

I found myself on a beach, the sand was hard and moist as though the tide had only recently started to go out. The environment was dark, almost twilight-ish giving everything a grey hue.

Even though it seemed dark there were still children playing on the beach. I walked along until I came to a small group of people I knew of in high-school. No one really seemed to pay much attention, too focused on what they were doing.

As a group we began to walk to the road nearby and entered a building. The building became a shopping centre. I remember picking up several items and tossing them into a bag.

As we made our way to an elevator, someone dropped cans of beer and other canned drinks. I made a grab for them, shoving them in my bag before the doors closed. The lift appeared to be large enough to fit in some rather large equipment. I remember drinking from a can and noticing a name. I had to double check and found it did indeed say Eilatan. It was a sour lemonade drink, apparently, it was her brand or sponsored by her.

*Jump* [A rather large one at that. I forgot my keyword.]

I entered my house, [nothing like my real one, this was a huge mansion] I was running through loads of rooms to put down my stuff. But for whatever reason my room had been moved and a new office was in its place. I began to wander around, I found a cup and drank from it. The contents solidified in my mouth, turning into some horrible, slimy, worm like white thing. I tried to vomit them out.