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Timing & Ghost Cat


14th Dec 2012

I found myself in some kind of work building. I was making my way to the exit, but I was constantly being blocked or stopped to chat with random people. I finally reached the stairs that lead to the main doors and again at the top of the stairs my path was blocked by someone.

We briefly spoke and as I was about to start on my way again I noticed a man who just started on the stairs was sweating profusely. This caught my attention and I noticed that he kept playing with his left arm, as though it was uncomfortable. Instantly my mind kicked into overdrive and I was next to him in a moment. I stopped him and told the person on the stairs who had originally stopped my movement to call an ambulance. I knew instinctively that this man was having a heart attack.

As I was helping the man, trying to make him more comfortable it occurred to me that all those times that I was stopped or simply caught up and unable to keep moving, it was all to make sure I was here when this man was. As though I was the only one who could save him, who would have noticed in time that he was having difficulties. I could hear sirens as the dream faded.

Ghost Cat

I wake up, lying in bed face down. I felt the cat jump up on to the bed and walk over me and up the left/wall side of the bed and lay down near the top, right by my head. I daren’t move, I don’t show that I am aware of its presence.  I was fearful; in the back of my mind these experiences usually mean the loss of the animal. I have had these dreams in the past the night a pet dies, I’ve always considered it to be their way of saying goodbye.  What makes these experiences more unnerving is that I have never been able to tell whether or not I am awake or asleep when they happen. If I am asleep; there is a seamless transition to being wakeful.


Fragments & False Awakenings

Fragment One

20th October 2012

I found myself near where I grew up, on the main road approaching the shops and traffic lights. There was a staircase that lead upwards from the corner of the crossroads to the buildings on our side of the street. There was a group of males there, clearly intoxicated. One of them walked in front of me to enter one of the buildings causing me to slow down and slip on the wet pavement. I mentioned, in a jocular manner, that I nearly fell on my ass. The male that passed me turned around and started mouthing off. Clearly to drunk to hear the soft, joking tone. As I attempted to explain it to him he became more and more agitated.

He started to circle me, his energy was becoming increasingly hostile. A younger male with blonde hair, perhaps not yet in his twenties put his arm around the man and lead him off. Telling me to run under his breath as he turned. As I started to turn, something triggered the drunk to violence. I saw him out of the corner of my eye go around the other side of the stairs to cut me off. He approached quickly, my response was as timely as his attempt to punch out. I spun around, round-house kicking him in the face. He stumbled backwards, almost falling to the floor, he was able to use his hand to push himself up and around in a circular motion. Continue reading