Twisted Twisters

12th September 2013

I was on a beach front road walking down it with my father; the area somewhat resembled Scarborough. We walked to the end of the road and reached a small beach shack selling random holiday type things. My father kept trying to buy me a kids quad-cycle. This caused some confusion, is I was having trouble understanding what age range I was supposed to be in.

As we were waiting people began to scream, I turned around. The beach scene was now a large grass field. There was a tornado approaching, it didn’t give off any sense of wind movement but it did make a low rumbling sound and it had a bluish tint, like a small LED light at the top. It didn’t seem to affect anything it touched, that is until it hit a person and then it sucked them upwards. This didn’t seem to be any ordinary tornado.

I grabbed my father’s hand and pulled him away and started running, somewhere along the way I grabbed an girl, she was around fourteen with blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. I seemed to know this girl, there was a bond there.

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