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Doctor’s Appointment.

Doctor’s Appointment

13th May


I found myself in my grandfather’s house. There were other people but I wasn’t really paying much attention to them, I felt the need to pee and walked out of the living room to the downstairs toilet. The door was shut, so I turned around and went upstairs.

At the top of the stairs I looked down the hallway, there were no longer any rooms on the side, it was just a small corridor littered with items. I acknowledged the change in my mind, but allowed the dream to play out as it was. I made my way down, looking around as I went, to my left there was desks and chairs. Everything but the chair was littered with things, ranging from books and paper to random little trinkets.

On my right there was a TV, it was on but showing static. There was just enough room here to sit in the chair and watch the TV directly opposite, and I thought that maybe this is where my grandfather would watch TV when upstairs.

I turned around and there was now a doorway to the left, after walking through I found myself outside. The area was quiet large and grassy, with trees around the edges. I walked forward and around the side of the wall on the left. There was an area that resembled that was walled up with wooden beams. I noticed there were doors on it, it took me a moment to realise that it was made to look like the front of the TARDIS.

I remember saying “I wonder if it’s bigger on the inside.”

I walked up to the doors and opened them, I realise I am not alone, but haven’t looked to see whose with me. I open the TARDIS door and see a long corridor behind it, but the path is blocked by wooden boards. There’s names scratched up to them and someone asks me who they are. I ‘recognise’ them as being names of Jenny’s “weird” friends.

She responds saying “they aren’t weird… much.” I guess now I know who was with me. I start to pull the wood away as I really want to get through the doors, but every time I pull them down new ones take their place.

A man jumps into view, it’s the 10th Doctor. He asks us if we’re planning on going somewhere if we got inside. Jenny says she wants to go somewhere the Doctor has never been and I respond with: Oh the Doctor’s then.

*dream fades*


House Guest

House Guest

3rd June 2012

I found myself walking down Lightcliffe Road, I was with a group of people. I recognised Jessica, Stephan and my father who was a little ahead. I didn’t recognise the other male or female. My father was holding my violin and bow and started to try and play it. I was annoyed and yelled at him to stop before taking it off him.

As we rounded the corner there were three people in the road playing with what appeared to be bow and arrows. One of them fired in the direction we had come. I ignored them and kept walking. Somewhere Jessica and the others vanished leaving only Stephan with me. We continued down the road to my house.


We were climbing the stairs, and I looked back. The front door was in the wrong place, it was on the side wall [in reality that would have lead into the front room] I warned Stephan to hold his breath in case my step-brother had his door open because he really stinks.

He pushed passed me and up the stairs, saying something about being right he does stink. He started to turn left at the top then went right. I told him he doesn’t want to go THAT way. I grab him and turn him back the other way pushing him into my room. My room looks different. The wall paper is blue and the bed is not in front of the door as it normally would be.

Chloe’s Birthday

Chloe’s Birthday

18th April

The dream started with me in a car, there was an older male in the car, perhaps mid-thirties. [I got the feeling I was in my teens, as is common for my dreams.] We were picking someone up, I knew it was their birthday and we were taking her somewhere.

The man got out of the car to open the door for Chloe Moretz, then got into the drivers seat and drove us to a cinema.


We were walking up to the main entrance and rather than the old ticket booths there was a new electronic ticket machine. Me and Chloe walked inside while the male [who felt like her father] played with the machine. He seemed to be having some trouble with it and ended up just buying every single ticket.

Inside we got a bunch of plastic masks that looked like old women. We offered them out to anyone who wanted them since we had hundreds from the numerous amounts of tickets he bought.


We were sat at a table eating some fast food and talking while Chloe kept signing autographs.

Beach & Shopping Spree

Beach & Shopping Spree

17th April 2012

I found myself on a beach, the sand was hard and moist as though the tide had only recently started to go out. The environment was dark, almost twilight-ish giving everything a grey hue.

Even though it seemed dark there were still children playing on the beach. I walked along until I came to a small group of people I knew of in high-school. No one really seemed to pay much attention, too focused on what they were doing.

As a group we began to walk to the road nearby and entered a building. The building became a shopping centre. I remember picking up several items and tossing them into a bag.

As we made our way to an elevator, someone dropped cans of beer and other canned drinks. I made a grab for them, shoving them in my bag before the doors closed. The lift appeared to be large enough to fit in some rather large equipment. I remember drinking from a can and noticing a name. I had to double check and found it did indeed say Eilatan. It was a sour lemonade drink, apparently, it was her brand or sponsored by her.

*Jump* [A rather large one at that. I forgot my keyword.]

I entered my house, [nothing like my real one, this was a huge mansion] I was running through loads of rooms to put down my stuff. But for whatever reason my room had been moved and a new office was in its place. I began to wander around, I found a cup and drank from it. The contents solidified in my mouth, turning into some horrible, slimy, worm like white thing. I tried to vomit them out.

Blind & Succubus


10th April

I was standing outside school, near the reception area. There were several teachers there. My vision was so fuzzy that it was hard to focus on anything. I remember feeling faint, I asked for help saying I couldn’t see. Mr Roper took my hand and led me into the guest reception, he gave me some water.

He assumed it was related to the heat. [I often feel like this when Lucid if I am tired. Like the conscious mind want’s to intercede but can’t quite hold on to the moment.]


10th April

The dream started off at school, I was walking from the reception and making my way down the rear path to the back exit as I used to when I went there. [I guess 5 years of high-school 15 years ago, going the same route, makes more of an impact then the 1 year I went there a few years back. The old path is gone, there’s houses there now.]

As I exited the school grounds I still felt foggy and half awake. I crossed the road, I could see the lights of a vehicle coming up the small hill on the bend, but I had plenty enough time. Yet I had to jump to the pavement to avoid being hit. Stupid dream buses speeding like that.

I made my way down the old snicket and down my old street as I approached my house I noticed that it had 3 stories on it, I remember remarking that she’d (my mother) had added another layer to it. [I’d had previous dreams last night and earlier in the week where the house would growing but not as big as this dream. I was referring to this growth as opposed to anything real, the real house was a bungalow, so all one level, give or take the attic.] I walked up the path to the side door I could see through the glass that she had made many changes inside.

I walked through the door. The kitchen seemed to be the same. But instead of the kitchen door to the living room, there was a big glass door in front of a wall. There was a passage way both left and right. To the left I could see my mother talking with someone on the sofa. I opened the sliding glass door. She seemed annoyed that I was there and that I had come in when she had guests. I remember saying “how else am I supposed to get in then?” She kept mouthing off though I forget her actual words.

I went around the right hand side, the bedrooms were no longer there. Instead it was a big kitchen/dining area. I kept wandering around, trying to find the stairs. My mother started calling me again and I realised my clothes had vanished. It didn’t phase me. I walked around the area which lead back to the living room. There were three or four people there, all female. I didn’t care, I carried on walking and found the stairs and started to walk up them. Carrying on a conversation like nothing was amiss.

The stairs looked old and wooden. The walls were close in on both sides as they were located in the middle of the wall that kept the rooms separate. The cat came shooting down there stairs and passed me, I watched it go as a door behind me closed. I made my way up the stairs to the next floor, somewhere along the way my clothes return.

The hallway was long, far too long for it to be the same length as the lower half of the house. There were doors on either side. About half way down I looked into a room on the right, it appeared to be a closet like room but had a small toilet and a bidet, I remember it had one setting called Diamond Wash.

I close those door thinking it was horrible and tacky and make my way to the end of the corridor. There’s two doors on the far wall of the last room. I open the one to the right and find myself looking outside. The door leads nowhere. I carefully shut it and pull along a red ribbon door cover.

As I turn I see the window, you could see lots of houses from here, all lower down. I remember thinking; we should keep an eye on them.

I made my way back down the corridor and looked into a room, I felt it was supposed to be my bedroom but it felt like there was some kind of entity in there. I didn’t want to go in. I slowly made my way back to the stairs, as I reached the top I felt something pass me headed down.

As I make my way into the kitchen dining area, I see a young blonde woman attempting to seduce an older male with dirty blonde hair. She doesn’t seem to be having much luck. I walk up to her and offer myself, I’m ready to go! I look down and see I am hard as a rock, she’s still kneeling and takes me into her mouth. I can see a hole in her tongue, similar to what a removed tongue piercing might leave. She feels so good. Her clothes like mine were black, contrasting her pale skin and blonde hair. As I looked at her I knew that her colour was blue. A bright, radiant blue. I knew that this was the entity that passed me on the stairs.

I took her arm and lifted her, as I slide down the cupboards, using them to hold me off the ground. I pulled her towards me so I could slide insider her…

Back to School…

Back to School…

4th April

I was back in high school, wandering the corridors trying to figure out which room I was supposed to be going to. There were other students in my year who also seemed equally lost. I must have made my way around the whole building twice.

As I made my way back to the G-corridor, where the double fire safety doors separated the main classroom corridor from the reception, I bumped into Michelle B. She said something about the next class being a science class.

I made my way up stairs onto the F-Corridor, walking the wrong way [our school corridors had a one-way system to avoid congestion, but when no teachers were around it was often ignored] I knocked on one of the doors and poked my head in, asking the male teacher whether I had the right room. It would appear I did, though I had never seen this teacher before.

There were already a few students in the room, [I forget how many in total, but no more than five or six]. I Made my way towards the back, at put my bag down on the back work bench. A girl came in and came to the back near me on the right corner.  I accidentally knocked a bowl of money on to the floor, we both picked it up. No matter how much I picked up and put in her tub, it seemed to multiply on the floor.

The teacher started to talk about four girls, putting up their names and photos on the electronic white board. [While I was in high school there were no electronic boards. They were mostly blackboards with chalk. Though one or two rooms did use white boards with marker pens]. I remember seeing one of the girls and thinking it looked like Molly S. I was a little shocked, but as I zoomed in on the girl [apparently I have eyes with zoom capability]. It appeared to be someone else. The teacher was talking about them as though they sacrificed themselves for some cause.

I’m not really sure what he was talking about, but the other girls in the class seemed to be very interested in it. I only got the impression that the sacrifice was their lives. [At the time I didn’t realise, but it would seem the class were all female except myself].


2nd April

I was in the local park, I remember being chased by owls. While they never seemed to attack me, they kept doing fly-bys near my head and chasing me out of that area as though I wasn’t supposed to be there.  After a short time I got fed up with these antics and decide to even things up. [control] I stepped backwards holding out my arms and allowed myself to become Darkness-Myth [the name I have given my Dragon]. I could feel my legs changing shape, my arms becoming longer, growing muscles and wings. [/control]

The owls stopped chasing me at this point, instead choosing to watch from the trees. I used my new wings to leave the ground, staring at the owls which had seemingly lost all interest in me, but I knew they were keeping an eye out.

I turned and flew off towards the main road and followed it down towards a tunnel. The transformation was incomplete. I wasn’t sure of the shape of my head, and I could not feel a tail. The dragon seemed to be more wyvern style than a typical western four-legged dragon.

The Wyvern Games

The Wyvern Games

27th March 2012

We were in a school like building. It seemed to be a gestalt building of multiple places, including my former high-school and 6th form Centre. I was around other students being herded towards the basement. While I never saw myself I was aware of being 15.

We approached a long set of stairs leading down, although narrow, everyone was pushing and shoving, somewhat excited about what mystery we were being led to. At the bottom, the area widened out. There were two doors one to the left and one to the right. I didn’t pay much attention to the left side, but as I looked right and saw a couple of hand drawn pictures above the door. Wyverns.

I understood now, my dream memory kicked in from a dream a few weeks before. Wyvern had told me about the games he was planning. A fight to the death, Battle Royale style. I remember him telling me to conserve batteries as many of his “toys” would require them. As I walked towards to Green Wyvern door, I hear a tannoy say that we must pick teams. Entering the small room, there is a door immediately to the left. A head is a small chair in the middle of the room, there are toys all around the room. The walls are painted beige. I move around the room, looking at the special toys wyvern has left as well as a standard hunting knife for all participants, noticing several AA batteries. I take a handful as others start to enter the room.

I sit in the chair, pushing the batteries down between my legs and the chair arm. Slowly slipping them into my pockets unseen. We might be a team as far as scoreboards go, but I knew that it was always going to be solo to survive. The first into the room was a blonde girl, two guys and another girl. They were looking at the toys and talking, unaware that these toys were deadly.

As I sat there, I realised I had been in this room before, it’s where wyvern had told me about the games. He wanted me to take part because he knew I would be the most violent, he expected most of the others to treat it like a game, so I get to have an advantage, all the more fun he said. He warned me not to open the door by the room’s exit; he’d left a little gift behind that one.

The voice spoke again, telling everyone the game was on. People rushed to pick up the weapons, while I remained in the chair. I waited and watched as a male and female attacked each other, as I rose moving over to the far table, the blonde pushed me out of the way. Whatever it was that was keeping me so calm and control she wanted it, if only she knew I already had it. She lunged with her elbow, I ducked and pushed he back hard. I grabbed what looked like a heavy duty stapler and quickly found the slot to put the batteries in, as the girl regained her composure and grabbed a smaller personal stapler.

She pulled back the bottom brace and swung it around, there was a sharp sting as the stapler unleashed a solitary staple into my bicep. I stumbled back, raised my own weapon and fired. “Should’ve put the batteries in first” I yelled as the staple hit her forehead. She screamed as her skin began to tear all over her head, the skin started to break revealing blood and metal as a thousand staples erupted from her. She screamed, more from anger than pain as she took a last lunge at me. I Started pulling the trigger, firing staple after staple. I got one in her right arm and at least one in her chest. Her clothes began to rip and shred as more staples tore through her. Within seconds her whole upper body was nothing but staples, her head like a metal riveted helmet with two eyes peeking out. She looked terrified, unable to move, she fell over as I pushed passed her, she whimpered as she hit the floor, the only sign she gave of still being alive.

As I turned to the exit I realised someone had made the mistake of opening the other door. The large pale brown dog at the threshold, playing with a dismembered leg was enough to give anyone second thoughts.  As I reached the door way the dog pounced, I jumped in such a way that my body stayed where it was but my legs went straight out behind me. I trapped the dog’s head in a north-south choke as it thrashed wildly, I carefully positioned myself so I could staple the dog’s tongue to the rubber flooring. The dog yelped and tried to pull back. Either the batteries were already dead, or they had no effect on non-humans. Whichever was the case, they were designed to drain fast to keep things interesting.

A hand appeared through the main exit doorway, grabbing for the leg the dog had since dropped. A quick glance revealed it to be the owner, that or the dog had had more than one visitor. Behind the one legged male was a girl, she had a blue and white coffee mug in one hand and the expression of a scorned lover on her face. I had no idea what the mug would do, but I didn’t plan on finding out. I threw the stapler with as much force as I could in the position I was, the stapler struck her in the face, the force enough to trigger the mechanism. She screamed as the staple entered her eyeball. There was a familiar popping sound I’d only heard once before, in biology dissecting a sheep’s eyeball. Black gunk squirted from her eye as her hand went to cover it protectively, forgetting the mug of coffee.

A deluge of scolding hot coffee poured into her face, causing her skin to bubble and peel. Bone could be seen in the areas worst hit, her blood curdling scream was downed out as the liquid entered her mouth and burnt her vocal chords and throat away. As the cup fell from her hands I braced my legs under me, pushed down on the dog’s head and thrust with my legs. I leap-frogged the dog as the cup shattered, I could hear what could only be described as a tidal wave behind me, followed by screams from several people, I didn’t dare turn around, reaching for door handle I head the dog yelp. Either it had ripped its own tongue loose, or the river of acidic coffee had burnt the tip and released it. As I jumped through the door, slamming it hard behind me there was a tell-tale thud as the dog hit it. As the sounds of barking, growling and screaming subsided I took a look at my new surroundings.

I found myself in a long corridor, there was a small corridor to my immediate left but it seemed too narrow, easy to get trapped. A head was the main corridor, covered in rubble and with smouldering and burning piles dotted around.  I could see a fight further down, there was a glass lift half way between the upper floor and this one about half way between me and the main fight. However a single figure stood next to the lift. It seemed as though he were protecting it along with three of the fighters further down. With no weapons, I had little options. I had to make a run for it, I could sneak under the lift and slide across to the stairs that surround it. It would leave me open and visible, and should anyone be lurking in the classrooms along the way I would have no way to deal with them.

I picked up a small brick, it was better than nothing, I ran at full sprint. As I was within ten feet I saw one of the people in the lift turn. I threw the brick and carried on running, the brick bounced off a metal beam on the lift as the person in the lift yelled a warning. The brick was just the distraction I needed, the person standing guard reacted to the brick before he did to the warning. I was on him before he could turn.

I jumped, curled into a ball and grabbed the gun like object from his waistband, at the same time my feet hit his back. I drop kicked him, my fingers just barely able to grasp the gun. I landed hard on my back, bits of rubble jabbing hard. I had no time to think of the pain, I had to move. I rolled under the lift as gunfire broke out above.  I shot the underneath of the lift twice and the lights began to flicker and fade, I realised that there was a bomb planted underneath, explaining why the lift was mid-level.

I pulled the emergency floor release as I reached the far side of the lift and jumped onto the staircase, just in time to see the lift fall through the now open floor. The single guard was now back to his feet, I had no time to get to mine and run upstairs, I allowed myself to roll back and down. There was no floor accessible lower than this one via the stairs, but there was a maintenance crawlspace, it would get me to the other side of the corridor I just came down and right now, anywhere was better than here.

As I dived into the crawl space there was the sound of an explosion below. The impact must have detonated the bomb, five people in one shot not bad. I waited a few minutes, making sure no one was following me. In this space, if anyone came up behind me with a range weapon I’d be done for. I quickly changed the battery in the pulse gun before making my way through to the other side.  After what seemed like hours, I reach the exit hatch. I knew it was going to open up into the kitchen, the question was, would the main door be open or closed. The main door was a metal pull down door about the width of two garages that opens into the dining hall. There was a single regular door next to it. The hall would potentially be a mess, though hopefully no one would still be there.

I didn’t need to worry, the large door was closed, allowing me to leave the crawl space and check the immediate surroundings. It didn’t look like anyone had been here, or at the very least, no more than one at a time. The room was completely baron of any fun toys. I slowly made my way to the second door. I positioned myself so I could look through the window, hoping no one happened to be looking in my direction.  The dining hall had been ripped apart, fire, rubble and bodies everywhere.

Looking to the right  I could see the nearest door was blocked, the furthest right door was clear. Moving out a little more, so I could see the left hand side, it was easy to spot the guard at the far door leading to the staff only area. The nearest door lead to the outside near the rear car park, but that wasn’t an option, the rear of the building would be too open.  The guard had his back to me, if I was careful I should be able to open and close this door and use the rubble to hide myself from his line of sight should he turn. I knew I didn’t have to worry about the outside door, it was a fire exit with no way to open it from outside. My back was covered. All I had to worry about was the guard or anyone coming in through the only remaining door on the right.

I slowly pulled down the handle and opened the door, praying that it wouldn’t make any loud noises. I was in luck, I quickly pulled the door closed, but not letting it latch fully shut. I made my way around the rubble, trying to keep my back to the wall so I could keep my exit and the guard in my sight.

As I approached the door, I neared a body carrying a fully charged mini bow and arrow, I picked it up and surveyed my options. This was going to be tough, I already knew the doors into the hallway were noisy and would attract attention. My choices were simple, I could either take a huge risk and blot through the door to avoid a fight, but leave me completely open to anyone in the corridor. Alternatively, I could check out the immediate area through the windows and hope the guard didn’t turn around. I didn’t want to risk taking him out, if he’s guarding the door then clearly he wasn’t working alone and there could be any number of people in that corridor.

I slowly stood and made my way towards the doorway, fully intending to look before I leaped. The was a clunk from the far side of the dining hall, the door I came in through had latched. A startled shout from the guard and I burst through the doors before he realised where I was. I ran to the left checking behind me as I did so, thankfully there was no one else in the corridor, at least the part in sight. I pushed through the safety doors without looking, I had no way to know if the guard was coming my way or checking the kitchen area. I didn’t have the luxury of caution.

My loud entry into the second part of the hallway didn’t go unnoticed, a girl at the far end by the reception office door spun to see me. She quickly fumbled to get something by her waist as I ran forward, raising the bow and arrow and firing. For something small enough to fit into one hand it certainly packed a punch. The arrow smashed into her left shoulder, but the force the powered arrow had violently threw her into and throw the solid wooden office door. The door exploded inward and a fountain of blood poured from her body as the left arm was severed.

I pocketed the Bow and dived left into the drama room. There was no sound in here, but that didn’t mean the room was empty. In front of the door was a black curtain hanging down that blocked the door from the rest of the room, and went all around the right hand side. The drama room was dark with no lights on, it would be impossible to see anyone moving behind the curtain. I carefully made my way around, as I reached the centre of the room I peeked out through the curtain, there room was empty. As I continued to make my way around to the far side, the door I entered through opened and closed. Someone had followed me in. I carefully peeked through the gap, the curtain near the door was pushed back as he walked into the room. Either this guy was bold or plain stupid.

As he got closer to the centre I realised it was the guard from the dining hall. It could mean only one thing. He was part of a large group and this, or at least the staff area, was where they had set up base. No one would risk walking through the centre of a room unless they knew anyone running through would walk into a group of people on the far side. I quickly but carefully made my way to the far side, I needed to cut him off.  I was close enough that I was able to reach the door before him, some chatter from the hallway grabbed his attention and he turned briefly. I was about to make my move as he turned back, the darkness of the room was the only thing that stopped him spotting me. Thank fuck for black clothing.

He knocked on the door, three quick rapid knocks followed by a hard third. Morse code, S.T. He was identifying himself. He pulled open the door obscuring any view of me the light may have cast. While I couldn’t hear both sides of the conversation, I heard what I needed to.
“Where’s everyone else?  … Well, there’s someone round the other side, sounds like two of them. You two try and chase them this way, I’ll stay behind the curtain and cut them off. Also there was a third guy, I thought he came this way, he ran out of the dinner hall keep your eyes open!”

I took out my knife.

As he closed the door, he blinked a as his eye went from the bright hallway to the dark room. Light blind. I seized the opportunity. I pulled him backwards with my left hand covering his mouth, my knife hand thrust into the side of his neck and I pulled out. The knife tore through his flesh like it was air, ripping through his windpipe and out in a geezer of hot blood. I felt it splatter over my arm, within seconds he was limp. I pulled him back behind the curtain making sure he couldn’t be seen from the middle of the room.  I used the curtain to wipe the blood off my arm and knife, the last thing I needed was a trail of blood behind me. I pulled out the pulse gun I acquired earlier.

That’s when things kicked off out in the hallway, first a male voice yelling that Emma was down. I assumed that was the girl I’d taken care of in the hallway. Then screams from multiple voices; the first was a laugh that can only be described as insane, followed by a cheer and a male yelling bitch. A loud explosion made my ears ring, a scream from the same girl that had cheered her friend on. She was screaming ‘no’ as she ran into the room as male voice screamed for his friend to “kill that little  cunt.”

I caught a glimpse of the girl as she dived behind the coat/bag/shoe cupboard. Her small stature suggested she was a first year, then she saw me, or rather she saw the light the gun emanated, which cast a shadow over me and the body at my feet. The look on her face was one of terror, she had no visible weapons and she knew she was in trouble. I raised my left hand and made a gesture for her to stay quiet as the door burst open. The male was yelling obscenities. Clearly his anger was clouding his judgement as he walked into the room. He gave no impression that he knew ‘S.T’ was supposed to be in here to cut them off. Oh well.

As he stormed into the centre of the room, I peeked around the corner. I had to time this right, once the gun was in the open he’d know I was there. I took a deep breath and spun around raising the gun and firing. The first shot was a blind one, it was also a good one. The pulse tore through his stomach and straight out the other side, leaving a large three-inch hole in him. He had just enough time to survey the damage before falling to the ground dead. I turned back towards the young girl, my first real mistake. I heard the sound of an arrow being fired. The arrow hit the gun, the tip exploded sending a small shower of acid straight forward covering the gun, the force of the impact threw me down and that’s when the searing pain kicked in. I grabbed the corner of the curtain trying desperately to rub off the traces of acid that had splashed onto my thumb, all the time watching the new guy limp forward.

He looked down to reload his crossbow, what happened next was a blur. The girl reached behind her back, and threw something large. I caught a glimpse of what looked like a flashing tomahawk, struck his head with a deep thunk before exploding. The room was coated in blood and burnt flesh, the head and part of the upper torso completely gone. The girl took my hand and poured some water over it, it stung like a bitch, whether it really helped is anyone’s guess, but she seemed to think it did. I looked up into the sweet innocent face of a twelve year old, the eyes were not those of a young girl. They were haunted, dark eyes, but they were eyes of a survivor. A looked passed between us and I understood I just became her new partner, I needed to keep this girl alive.

I got to my feet and made my way to the door, I was about to knock when she whispered for me to wait. I watched her pick up something from the first guy, as she came closer I realised it was a small hand sized cannon and immediately I knew what made the explosion sound in the hallway. I passed her a couple of batteries, waited for her to load it, then repeated the knock and opened the door. I peered into the corridor, there was no one in sight. I signalled for her to move forward. We crossed the hallway and looked into the staff room, the room was full of goodies. A large group had clearly banded together to horde such a large collection in barely two hours. We slowly made our way in, making sure no one was hiding behind and of the cupboard and began to explore.

The girl, whose name I learnt was Amy, turned to me with a small object in her hands. I’d seen enough war documentaries to know what she was holding. “Careful with that!” I said, trying to keep the tone cautious but quiet. “That’s a claymore mine! Wyvern sure has some interesting toys.”  I took the mine from her and told her to look for some thick wire, hoping there was a trip wire.

I picked up a gun that looked similar to my last, but this one had what appeared to me a wire coil in it. Unsure what it was I added it to my belt and continued to explore picking up two tomahawks, a whip and what looked suspiciously like a dead snake. Amy was also stocking up on some items before pointing out exactly what I hoped to find. The trip-wire. I explained to her that this group needed to be taken out, any large group is obviously a threat to everyone else. I explained my plan.

Amy sat at the lower doors opposite the dining hall doors while I waited in the drama room. We didn’t have to wait long before we heard the chatter of a group of people. As they rounded the corner from reception I heard one of them curse some guy who destroyed an elevator. I could tell from his description that this person was the one I drop kicked in the back. He was busy explaining that he didn’t realise there was a crawl space at the bottom of the stairs and that if he ever saw me again he will rip me to shreds. He was about to get his chance.

The glass in the drama room door was painted black, but there was a small enough chip to be able to count how many people were in the group. As the sixth person entered the room there was a yell, Amy had made herself known. That meant there must only be one person left in the group. I yanked open the door to see a tall female pointing towards the lower door, she turned startled as the door opened. I fired the bow and arrow. The force from close range pushed me back and the door closed behind me. I had no way to know if Amy was in trouble. All being well she was running through the dining hall and back to me. I heard a distant thud and a scream, I could only imagine the mess the arrow made of the tall female as she hit the back wall.

I got to my feet, the bow had been destroyed after I landed on it. There was a loud male scream followed by a loud explosion. Someone had tripped the claymore. But it was the young female scream coming from the dining hall that got my attention, clearly someone had not been in the room when the claymore went off. I ran to the opposite doors and made my way towards the dining hall. The doors burst open and Amy shot out, with a dagger in her arm and a small brick in her hand. She turned towards me and threw it into my arms. I heard her say ‘last one’ as she dropped to the floor behind me. I positioned the brick so I had the smooth flat part in my left palm, as the door burst open I swung. The broken jagged part struck the male in the face with the crunching sound of braking bones. He fell to the floor instantly and I followed him down. I dropped my knee onto his left hand and held down his right with my left.
“How many of you are there?” I yelled. He just laughed, no intention of giving up his teammates. I placed my right hand over his face and pushed. He screamed as broken cheek bone pierced his face. “I can make this hurt a lot more, how fucking many?” He spluttered blood before saying all of Team Blue had banded together with the remaining survivors of team Green. But he refused to give a number. Didn’t matter, because the next update was due and it should make for some interesting results. I laughed as Amy brought down a knife into his eyeball saying he can have it back. We slowly made our way towards the reception office and turned off right into the medical room. I helped bandage Amy’s arm, it was a bad wound, I wasn’t sure she could survive it in the long run. She asked me why I laughed and I told her:
“I am on team Green. Which means when Wyvern gives the update, it will say team green killed half of their members. The remaining team green and blue will turn on each other.”
“How many are left on Team Blue?” She asked me. I did some quick mental maths and told her I killed at least five in the lift. Assuming the rest in the staff room were team blue, that’s at least twelve, plus the three in the drama room. Each group had a maximum of twenty members.

After bandaging Amy the best I could, we took a couple of bottles of water, while drinking another two in the room. The half hour update came as we were finished up our last bottles.
“Team Red has now been defeated.” Wyvern announced. I watched Amy’s face drop as they announced that all but one member of Team Yellow had been killed, and that the remaining member had joined up with Team Green. Then came the news I was really waiting for.
“Team Green has eliminated a further eight members of Team Blue and destroyed their horde of weapons! Team Green has four members left… Correction. Team Green is down to two members!” I smiled. The announcement did everything I hoped it would. Make Team Blue think Team Green had additional members that were stabbing them in the back so they would turn on them and do some of our work for us.
“How did you know they would announce it that way?” Amy asked as we made our way out of the room. I looked at her and smiled, “Let’s just say I have a guardian angel.” She looked confused for a moment, before she registered what I was saying. “You know Mr Wyvern?” She smiled as I winked at her and we made our way into reception.

I knew almost everything I needed to know now. Team Blue were nowhere near us, if they were they would have been drawn by all the noise earlier. Now they know their cache has been destroyed they had no reason to return. Instead they’ll be hunting. That meant they must be at the other end of the building, near the S-block. That just left one remaining member of Team Green out there alone. With any luck, an ally.

We made our way across reception and up the main stairs to the G-block. I looked at Amy, I’d had a thought. “Where were your team based Amy?” She pointed towards the indoor gym. That would mean that Team Red were in the S-block. Given that the last of them were taken out in the last thirty minutes that must mean Blue were still there, or slowly making their way back to find the last three people. The only other team was Team Orange, who were opposite Team Green’s starting position  and wiped out within the first hour.

With seven remaining members, that meant they could split up. Half on the upper F-block and half on the lower G-block once they leave the S-block. If they split up that would make it easier in a fight, but that would mean there was no way to get behind them. I had a thought. I peeked through the doors leading into the main G-corridor to check there was no one there already.
“Are you okay to run?” I asked her, she nodded. I took out the gun from earlier and suggested she take out the cannon. “If that’s the thing that made all that noise when we met, then if need be just aim at the staircase and fire.” She nodded, understanding that it was probably powerful enough to bring the whole thing down. We ran. The corridor was fairly long and the staircase from the upper floor was at the end. If they were coming back this way, we needed to get there first or we’d have big problems. It took only thirty seconds to run the distance. I slowly opened the first set of doors and let them close. The moment my hand touched the outside door I heard the upstairs door open.  The voices carried easily. “You two take the bottom level, we’ll stay up here. Check room by room,  we’ll meet back up at the furthest set of stairs and go down into woodwork and gym. There’s not many places they can be now.”

I grabbed Amy and pushed her back the way we came, closing the door as quietly as possible and we ran to the first Science room. I lead Amy into the prep room, usually reserved for staff only that is located between the two science rooms. The door leading to the corridor was always kept locked but the two door that lead directly to the class rooms were always open. I opened the door into class room two and set the “dead snake” down behind the teacher’s desk and pressed the on button. Then went back the staff prep area and we waited. It wasn’t long before they came into the science room, thankfully neither checked the inner prep room door. I listened as they left and walked to the door leading to the corridor. The handle was giggled, something I forgot to check, but thankfully the door was locked as was normal. I heard a female say to her partner to check the next room and she would go back to the first room, make sure no one tried to sneak out the back. Then they can enter from both sides. A male voice grunted agreement.

We waited. I told Amy to move closer to the door for the second room and be prepared, I may need her help. A male scream sent the female running make to her partner and I slipped out into the classroom to follow her. I heard a laugh as she saw the fake snake that scared her partner followed by two screams and yelled words of ‘get it off me!’

I checked the window to make sure neither were looking at me, the male was being eaten alive by a snake that was now thirty foot long and huge. The female looked unsure of what to do, I opened the door and she spun around, she might not be quick to help her friend, but she was sharp enough to recognise a trap. She fired a weapon as I dived down, the door behind me shattered like it was glass, fortunately for me the person watching my back knew exactly what she was doing, she opened and    fired one of the weapons she took from the cache. The firing mechanism was completely silent, I watched as the ‘bullet’ elongated in the air, changing into a short spear. It entered between her shoulder blades and thrust her forward, not daring to fire my own weapon, unsure what it does and in such close proximity, I quickly reached for my knife. I thrust upwards as she fell on top of me. The knife sliced through her left breast, I grabbed her gun hand with my left and used it to pull her over pushing up with the knife. Once I had her on her back I pulled the knife from her and thrust it into her heart.

As I looked across to her male partner, I saw his head disappear into the snake. He was clearly still alive. The snake began to shrink down to its original size, screaming, bones braking and squelching noises I didn’t want to dwell on. We left the room and headed back towards the way we came from reception, no need to run this time. There were nearly double the amount of classrooms upstairs as there were downstairs and since we weren’t checking them we’d reach the far end long before the last two or three Blues.

As we walked past the toilets we were blindsided. Amy flew into me sending me into the lockers down the side of the corridor. My head struck the corner and I dropped to the floor, I fumbled for my gun as I heard Amy yelling that she was with me and that I was Team Green too. Whether the guy didn’t believe her, was too far gone to hear her or just didn’t care I’ll never know. He grabbed her arm and whipped her hard into the lockers between himself and the toilets, she screamed and went down. The arm had to be broken or worse. With the knife wound from earlier, I was worried she might be done for. He looked at me briefly as he raised the axe above his head, I fired as he started his swing. The coil unravelled in the air and wrapped around his upper torso, he screamed as it ripped through him like razor wire.  In less than a second, his arms and head were severed from the torso. The axe wielding arms flew forwards as his head and body fell to the floor, the axe hit the lockers, I grabbed her ankle and yanked as hard as I could. Pulling her far enough way so the axe couldn’t harm her.

I looked at her pale face, her body now in shock. Her eyes met mine and she said one word. “Go.” I stood and continued towards the goal. I slowly made my way up the stairs and climbed into one of the long lockers and waited. The pain must have caused a black out, the next thing I remember is voices passing by, I dive out of the locker and just shove the last guy into the other two. One fell down the stairs, one fell over the railings and went down head first. At least that would even the odds a little. The third guy, spin around swinging a baseball bat. I put an arm up just in time to avoid having it hit my head. There was a sharp pain and a familiar cracking noise, it wasn’t the bat breaking. I fell to the floor as he approached on me. He didn’t appear to have any long range weapons, the first bit of good news I’d had in a while.

I reached around for a tomahawk and threw it. To say I had no energy left was an understatement. The tomahawk hit the floor and slide into his foot, he started to laugh at the effort until it exploded taking the lower half of his leg with it. I pulled out the other tomahawk, struggling to get back to my feet and lunged at him and spun, the tomahawk hit him right in the chest with enough force to send him over the railings. I heard the thud of him hitting the bottom before it detonated. If the first guy survived the fall, he was surely dead now. I dropped to my knees and rested against a locker, waiting for the announcement of victory. Finally the voice came…
“Did you forget about me?” I turned at this unexpected voice, the male who’d fallen down the steps was stood there. A little worse for wear, but armed. I recognised the weapon as one of the pulse guns. I looked at him square in the eyes and told him to just end it. He smiled, and said he wanted to savour this victory. He raised the gun and shattered like glass. Behind him a twelve year old girl, a survivor.

She dropped the gun and thrust herself on top of me into a long hug, I could feel the tears dripping from her face as the tannoy kicked in for the last time. “And we have our winners. The team of the amazing, awesome…”
“Oh shut the fuck up.” We said in unison.

I’d like to add. This dream was pre-hunger games for me. If anything it is a mix of Battle Royale and CAD comics the Winter-een-mas Game Games Bowl 2012.