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The Pack & Ghost Cat 2


16th Dec 2012
I feel the need to warn that near the end of this dream is a rather detailed section describing violence to an infant. I have chosen to keep this in the dream as I do not like to edit them, however I have taken the option to change the colour of the text to a dark grey so the reader has the option to skip or read it. The scene may be distressing to some due to its nature. I cannot be held reliable for any distress caused if you chose to highlight and read the passage.

Me and my father had moved into a new house, which in my dreams is often my previous house, I remember thinking that I was ready to move on now. That the things that kept me tied to my current house were no longer holding me back. In older dreams where I have moved house with the family, I have always felt upset that I was leaving certain things behind that you might say I had become obsessed with or overly attached to. I was happy to be moving on now, and more so, I was so happy that I was back to my old house. A house I missed so much.

I decided to go outside and have a look around. The street was completely different to where the real house is situated. On one side there were houses of different sizes, from bungalows to row houses. The street was sloped, from my right hand side going up and down to the left. Opposite were trees and bushed, many of them were bare or turning Autumn gold. Behind those you could see the embankment drop. It kind of reminded me of Scarborough.

I went for a walk, turning left from the house and crossing the street. I made my way to a little benched that was facing the tree line. I noticed a little fox running around. I started to approach me so I stood on the bench, but it was able to take hold of my left foot. I felt no pain and didn’t believe that it had penetrated to boot I was wearing. I started to kick at it, trying to force it away from me. I managed to grab a long thick pole. It looked like a tree branch that had been stripped bare and smoothed out. I used it to push the fox back, then kicked the end hard. It didn’t seem to harm the fox, but it did push it down the embankment and out of my way.  The embankment seemed to steep for the fox to climb and I turned around and made my way back up the hill.

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Fragments & False Awakenings

Fragment One

20th October 2012

I found myself near where I grew up, on the main road approaching the shops and traffic lights. There was a staircase that lead upwards from the corner of the crossroads to the buildings on our side of the street. There was a group of males there, clearly intoxicated. One of them walked in front of me to enter one of the buildings causing me to slow down and slip on the wet pavement. I mentioned, in a jocular manner, that I nearly fell on my ass. The male that passed me turned around and started mouthing off. Clearly to drunk to hear the soft, joking tone. As I attempted to explain it to him he became more and more agitated.

He started to circle me, his energy was becoming increasingly hostile. A younger male with blonde hair, perhaps not yet in his twenties put his arm around the man and lead him off. Telling me to run under his breath as he turned. As I started to turn, something triggered the drunk to violence. I saw him out of the corner of my eye go around the other side of the stairs to cut me off. He approached quickly, my response was as timely as his attempt to punch out. I spun around, round-house kicking him in the face. He stumbled backwards, almost falling to the floor, he was able to use his hand to push himself up and around in a circular motion. Continue reading