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Mohegan in the Attic

Mohegan in the Attic

30th May 2013

I was back at home (previous house from 1990-1997) my dad was in the loft, I could hear him banging about from the living room. I walked into the hallway as he was coming down the ladder. Something urged me to go up and have a look, as I neared the top I could hear a noise from the far end. Something was up there. (Many of my old dream would have this and the entity would feel dark and evil, as a result I was unnerved by the noise and felt a little scared.)

I turned around and told my father there was something up there. He climbed back up the ladder enough to see into the loft, as he started to turn around I could hear that it was almost right behind him. My mind was full of fear, I saw his eyes widen in shock at what he was seeing. He simply came back down the ladder, said nothing and walked past me.

I saw a shadow at the top, the outline of a snout and ears were clear, whatever it was, it was not human. It came into view then, the white and grey fur of a small wolf pup. It was less than a year old.  Any fear I had melted away on site of this beautiful young animal, I walked towards it as it climbed carefully down the ladder and started to stroke it. I looked at it and asked “Are you Mohegan?” The pup just looked up at me and his eyes shone a bright yellow-orange colour.


The Silver man

The Silver Man

11th March 2013

I found myself in my grandfather’s house. I was having trouble seeing; a combination of tunnel vision and darkness. There was four other people there, one was my grandfather and another was Wyvern though I didn’t register this for some time, it was Stephan in appearance, but I didn’t recognise this person as Stephan, he was sat in the old high-backed chair we got when I was child and gave to my grandfather soon after.  There was a woman there too, she had a sense of being both old and young.

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13th October 2012

I found myself on a beach with a group of other people.  There was a beach football match going on and I had been picked to be one of the subs. As I was sat on the bench talking to the guy next to me,  I noticed it was getting visibly darker, the person next to us looked up and out towards the ocean. I could see his face visibly drop and he rushed into the building to our immediate right. Without following his gaze, I quickly followed him into the building and he pushed the door closed behind me as I entered.

It wasn’t until the door was closed and I was facing back outside toward the sea that I realised just what he had seen. The sky was so dark it was almost black, the approaching storm was already on top of us. The windows buffeted as the wind hit the building, closely followed by the thumping of heavy hail. There were a couple of other people in the room, one female and at least two other males.

As the storm became worse, my uneasiness began to drop. The building was holding up just fine and I started to relax. The building was similar to a classroom. Desks and chairs all in rows facing the front. There were two large windows with vertical blinds next to the door and the door itself had a window in the top half. From what I could see, there were no other windows.

As the storm began to ease and the hail stopped, we made a move for the city. I went with the female, who seemed to be part of a group with me. As the dream progressed, I began to understand that these violent storms were a result of environmental changes that had lead people to band together to help each other with storing supplies and general safety. These groups could be as violent as the storms and strangers were often untrusted.

I was walking with the female up some stairs as another storm threat made itself known. I told her to seek shelter as I had seen someone that appeared to need help. As I approached the spot, the person had disappeared. A small spattering of rain and hail was falling as I made my way back, the female was now in one of our shelters with a male. They kept opening the steal shutters of the garage door to see if I was approaching. I caught it as they were closing and entered. I tried to seal the door behind me, worried one of the males would attempt to get in. The doors refused to seal and I asked the other male to help me stand on the lip of the door to stop it being raised up.

Ghost & Siamese Cat


23rd July 2012


I was with my mother at our old house. I was making my way from the living room to my bedroom, which involved walking down a narrow corridor. As I approached my bedroom door I noticed the loft ladder hatch was open. I tried to push it shut and that’s when I felt the negative energy. [This is quite common for me, ghost related dreams are the ones that have always have bad feelings and almost nightmare-ish qualities.] I started to back away, scared by what I was feeling.

I returned back to the living room to the safety of my mother. As I turned to face the hallway door, I saw the shadowy figure of a man. Even though I was full of fear, I felt there was nothing evil about this being. I slowly approached the figure and took it in my arms and started to hug it. I gave it nothing but comfort and positive emotions. As I turned around and started to walk it to my mother, the figure turned from a man into the shape of one of my cats, though still in shadow. Continue reading