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Doctor’s Appointment.

Doctor’s Appointment

13th May


I found myself in my grandfather’s house. There were other people but I wasn’t really paying much attention to them, I felt the need to pee and walked out of the living room to the downstairs toilet. The door was shut, so I turned around and went upstairs.

At the top of the stairs I looked down the hallway, there were no longer any rooms on the side, it was just a small corridor littered with items. I acknowledged the change in my mind, but allowed the dream to play out as it was. I made my way down, looking around as I went, to my left there was desks and chairs. Everything but the chair was littered with things, ranging from books and paper to random little trinkets.

On my right there was a TV, it was on but showing static. There was just enough room here to sit in the chair and watch the TV directly opposite, and I thought that maybe this is where my grandfather would watch TV when upstairs.

I turned around and there was now a doorway to the left, after walking through I found myself outside. The area was quiet large and grassy, with trees around the edges. I walked forward and around the side of the wall on the left. There was an area that resembled that was walled up with wooden beams. I noticed there were doors on it, it took me a moment to realise that it was made to look like the front of the TARDIS.

I remember saying “I wonder if it’s bigger on the inside.”

I walked up to the doors and opened them, I realise I am not alone, but haven’t looked to see whose with me. I open the TARDIS door and see a long corridor behind it, but the path is blocked by wooden boards. There’s names scratched up to them and someone asks me who they are. I ‘recognise’ them as being names of Jenny’s “weird” friends.

She responds saying “they aren’t weird… much.” I guess now I know who was with me. I start to pull the wood away as I really want to get through the doors, but every time I pull them down new ones take their place.

A man jumps into view, it’s the 10th Doctor. He asks us if we’re planning on going somewhere if we got inside. Jenny says she wants to go somewhere the Doctor has never been and I respond with: Oh the Doctor’s then.

*dream fades*


The Devil and I…


Friday 25th May 2012

I was in my bedroom, I heard the postman deliver some mail and walked down to the door. I picked everything up, going through it as normal. One of the envelopes were for me, from Fremantle Media Australia, seems I had mail from Australia.

The Devil and I

Monday 14th May 2012

I found myself sat in my bed, completely naked. I was looking straight forward at two young women, they were both attractive. I realised this was part of a dream I had previously been in some days ago. I looked to the left and saw a young female, completely naked, small breasts and very slender. She couldn’t have been much taller than 5’6”. Her dark hair passed her shoulders, she was looking at me but reaching for the door handle.

There were marks, possibly mud possibly other things, over her waist. Whatever it was I didn’t really care. I just couldn’t help but find her attractive. I spoke to her then. “I don’t care if you’re the devil. I still want to fuck you.”

This made her smile, a smile so far from innocent but so full of desire. She walked over to me, climbed on the bed and mounted me. She began to slowly rub herself against me, I could feel her heat, her wetness. She raised herself just enough so she could slide down my shaft, the sensations were amazing. I tried to thrust myself up to meet her, but her hands on my waist pushed me down. “Slowly.” She said as she continued to do the work herself.

Ground Hog FAs

Thursday 10th May 2012

I awoke in my bed. As with most of my False Awakenings I was immediately lucid due to minor inaccuracies. In this case my bed was in a position it hasn’t been in several years. I looked around the room and saw something crawling across the wall. I tried desperately to wake myself up.

I awoke again in my bed, another FA, everything the same as the previous FA. Again I willed myself to wake up… Three more times I only awakened into FAs.

On the final time, things were different. There was nothing crawling on the floor. I started to get up, as I did a large bee flew at my head. I guess if I wasn’t going to fall for these FAs, then my subconscious was just going to try and scare the crap out of me instead. This time, on willing myself to wake up I finally did.

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