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Black Snake

Black Snake

23rd Sept 2013

I was walking down a corridor, making my way to my room. The building I was in was huge, it felt like I lived here but the building seemed more like a Hotel than a house. The corridor came to an end, the door to my room was straight ahead with three small steps leading up to the door, to my right was another room with the door ajar.

As I approached my room I realised there was a black snake in front of the door. I picked it up and the snake became wild; thrashing around and angry. The pattern on the snake was similar to a Burmese python, dark patches were jet black with a dark grey outline and the lighter weaving pattern was a silvery grey.  My right hand held the back of the snake with my left trying to control the head, as my hand slipped back the snake had enough room to turn and sink fangs into my left hand between the fore-finger and thumb.

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The Silver man

The Silver Man

11th March 2013

I found myself in my grandfather’s house. I was having trouble seeing; a combination of tunnel vision and darkness. There was four other people there, one was my grandfather and another was Wyvern though I didn’t register this for some time, it was Stephan in appearance, but I didn’t recognise this person as Stephan, he was sat in the old high-backed chair we got when I was child and gave to my grandfather soon after.  There was a woman there too, she had a sense of being both old and young.

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Power & Protection

Power & Protection

21st April

I was in a car with my parents, the car was mostly black and grey. I didn’t feel as though I belong to any particular age group, I could have been fifteen or thirty. We entered a huge car park, and passed two people dressed completely in black, their clothing resembled body armour.

I noticed the female was carrying some kind of sub-machine gun. I warned my parents that we really needed to leave, that she was armed and we were in danger. They turned the car around. My dad wouldn’t leave, he felt it would be too dangerous. As the pair began to make their way towards us, I told them to run. I got behind the wheel and drove at them.  The two moved to either side, the car going between them. I spun the car around again, my focus was on the female. The male didn’t seem threatening in any way, other than his companionship with the female.

I came at her again, but in the small area, the little car couldn’t pick up speed fast enough and she was able to avoid me. [At the time, I was completely oblivious to the fact she had made no aggressive move towards me].

After a third attempt the car came to a stop, with her at the passenger side window. She had passed the gun to the male and was now holding a knife. She was sat in the passenger seat before I realised she had moved. I looked at her briefly, long enough to see she was a beautiful young female. She had one of those faces that hid her age, she could have been mid-teens or mid-twenties. Her hair was dark brown and long, almost reaching the middle of back.

She was a slim build, though her proportions were masked by the combat gear. I couldn’t maintain eye contact with her, I felt subordinate to her in some way, like being in the presence of a god. Her energy commanded respect. What I had previously sensed as danger, was now coming through as power. Not in a military sense, but as though she herself was power.

She was talking both too me and about me, the male with her making jokes. I looked at him briefly, he was on my side of the car stood by the door. His hear was blonde, with both highlights and lowlights but messy. He looked to be around 19-21. I got no sense of power from him, he was not important. Whoever this female was, she intended me no harm, at least not in any obvious way. I felt as though I knew her, that we were connected. I felt attracted to her, I felt love for her and respect. She was important both to me and in general and her energy was so overwhelming.

She handed me the knife, I took a good look at it. It was styled similar to a type 3 karambit. The blade came down and out, getting wider as it reached the apex then coming up to a point. It looked more ceremonial than it did a weapon. The handle was an oddity, it was metal like but soft and warm as though it was some kind of composite of metal and rubber. It was orangey-yellow in colour with gold specs around the edges and decoratively in the middle. It felt like it belonged to me, a part of me. Holding it, I knew I would do anything for her. [I realised she was a person to trust, not fear.]


I was out of the car now, walking to the back of the carpark and around a building. A police chief was climbing a ladder that came from the road to this higher location. He asked me if I had found her, had stopped her. I ignored him, he was no longer important to me, his issues trivial.

I entered a building and found myself walking up a large square spiral of stairs, as I reached a wide spot, there was an older male with faded, greying ginger hair. The knife slashed across his throat. Tearing and ripping at his flesh. There was no blood; these people would not die. This was about protection. I needed to find threats to myself, she gave me a tool for self-protection and in this scenario, that tool was a knife.

I continued to make my way up the stairs, slashing, cutting and stabbing people I felt were threats along the way. As I made my way to the top, I had destroyed five people that would threaten me of the large group of people that were there.

I made my way across the open part of the building. To the right of me was a wall, styled like old gangway of a castle. I took care of another threat before coming across sweets and chocolate. There were multiple types of crème egg, toffee, chocolate, regular.  I began to stuff some in my pockets before turning and looking out at the view. I had to continue…