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Timing & Ghost Cat


14th Dec 2012

I found myself in some kind of work building. I was making my way to the exit, but I was constantly being blocked or stopped to chat with random people. I finally reached the stairs that lead to the main doors and again at the top of the stairs my path was blocked by someone.

We briefly spoke and as I was about to start on my way again I noticed a man who just started on the stairs was sweating profusely. This caught my attention and I noticed that he kept playing with his left arm, as though it was uncomfortable. Instantly my mind kicked into overdrive and I was next to him in a moment. I stopped him and told the person on the stairs who had originally stopped my movement to call an ambulance. I knew instinctively that this man was having a heart attack.

As I was helping the man, trying to make him more comfortable it occurred to me that all those times that I was stopped or simply caught up and unable to keep moving, it was all to make sure I was here when this man was. As though I was the only one who could save him, who would have noticed in time that he was having difficulties. I could hear sirens as the dream faded.

Ghost Cat

I wake up, lying in bed face down. I felt the cat jump up on to the bed and walk over me and up the left/wall side of the bed and lay down near the top, right by my head. I daren’t move, I don’t show that I am aware of its presence.  I was fearful; in the back of my mind these experiences usually mean the loss of the animal. I have had these dreams in the past the night a pet dies, I’ve always considered it to be their way of saying goodbye.  What makes these experiences more unnerving is that I have never been able to tell whether or not I am awake or asleep when they happen. If I am asleep; there is a seamless transition to being wakeful.


False Awakenings

False Awakenings

21st October 2012


There were multiple False Awakenings, over 15 that I can recall though most of them were the same thing repeated. Much like yesterday’s FA, I became lucid after the light failed to turn on. I remained lucid through out all the following false awakenings.

I wake up: I feel strange and the darkness is bothersome. It feels wrong, I try to turn the light on but it’s so dim. I don’t want to get out of bed but I feel I have to.

I wake up: The darkness again leaves me feeling apprehensive. The light seems to fade in and out and I feel as though I am no longer alone in my room.

I wake up: There is a definitive presence now,  I try to turn on the light but as always it fails to work. I stand up and try to turn on the ceiling light with the pull chord. Continue reading