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Mohegan in the Attic

Mohegan in the Attic

30th May 2013

I was back at home (previous house from 1990-1997) my dad was in the loft, I could hear him banging about from the living room. I walked into the hallway as he was coming down the ladder. Something urged me to go up and have a look, as I neared the top I could hear a noise from the far end. Something was up there. (Many of my old dream would have this and the entity would feel dark and evil, as a result I was unnerved by the noise and felt a little scared.)

I turned around and told my father there was something up there. He climbed back up the ladder enough to see into the loft, as he started to turn around I could hear that it was almost right behind him. My mind was full of fear, I saw his eyes widen in shock at what he was seeing. He simply came back down the ladder, said nothing and walked past me.

I saw a shadow at the top, the outline of a snout and ears were clear, whatever it was, it was not human. It came into view then, the white and grey fur of a small wolf pup. It was less than a year old.  Any fear I had melted away on site of this beautiful young animal, I walked towards it as it climbed carefully down the ladder and started to stroke it. I looked at it and asked “Are you Mohegan?” The pup just looked up at me and his eyes shone a bright yellow-orange colour.


Home Delivery

Home Delivery


I was in bed and feeling very tired and sleepy. [A common feeling in dreams if I am not fully rested] I could hear the doorbell, but wasn’t sure if my step-brother was awake. I scrambled out of bed, noticing the time was about 8:45am, I stumbled into slippers as I put my dressing gown on. Opening the door I could hear movement downstairs, I quickly walked down.

At the bottom of the stairs, there were lots of parcels stacked almost five foot high in front of the door. Some with DHL markings on them. I moved them from the door and told my step-brother not to put them so close, or he wouldn’t be able to get in.

I noticed there was a strange clear walling between the boxes and the door, I was unsure what they were as two women came through the door with some more boxes. They were both around the same height as me, one was pale with blonde hair, the other was tanned with dark hair. She seemed to like me as she kept looking at me in ‘that’ way. Both of them appeared to be in their mid to late twenties.
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